1. Hilleprand von Prandau-Mailáth Castle, Donji Miholjac
    © zhrmkuHilleprand von Prandau-Mailáth Castle, Donji Miholjac
  2. Feštetić Castle, Pribislavec
    © mapio.netFeštetić Castle, Pribislavec
  3. Nova Kraljevica Castle, Kraljevica
    © RiječanINNova Kraljevica Castle, Kraljevica
  4. Veliki Tabor, Desinić
    © Miroslav VajdićVeliki Tabor, Desinić
  5. Stara Sušica Castle, Stara Sušica
    © Branko OstojićStara Sušica Castle, Stara Sušica
  6. Trakošćan Castle, near Krapina
    © Petra-81Trakošćan Castle, near Krapina
  7. Maruševec Castle, Maruševec
    © EcomaniaMaruševec Castle, Maruševec
  8. Trsat Castle, Rijeka
    © Mirko DabićTrsat Castle, Rijeka
  9. Tvrdalj Castle, Hvar
    © Stjepan TafraTvrdalj Castle, Hvar
  10. Bosiljevo Castle, Bosiljevo
    © mapio.netBosiljevo Castle, Bosiljevo
  11. Bosiljevo Castle, Bosiljevo
    © mapio.netBosiljevo Castle, Bosiljevo
  12. Januševec Castle, Prigorje Brdovečko
    © Savsko Sutlanska Dolina i Brigi Tourism BoardJanuševec Castle, Prigorje Brdovečko
  13. Lužnica Castle, Lužnica (Zaprešić)
    © Spiritual-Educational Center Mary’s CourtLužnica Castle, Lužnica (Zaprešić)
  14. Miljana Castle, near Kumrovec
    © Krapina Zagorje County Tourism BoardMiljana Castle, near Kumrovec
  15. Arapovo Castle, Orašac
    © Du List/NjuškaloArapovo Castle, Orašac
  16. Odescalchi Castle, Ilok
    © Ilok City MuseumOdescalchi Castle, Ilok
  17. Jesuit Kutjevo Castle, Kutjevo
    © Jerko GrubišićJesuit Kutjevo Castle, Kutjevo
  18. Hilleprand von Prandau-Mailáth Castle, Donji Miholjac
    © Osijek Baranja County Tourism BoardHilleprand von Prandau-Mailáth Castle, Donji Miholjac
  19. Eltz Castle, Vukovar
    © Vukovar City MuseumEltz Castle, Vukovar
  20. Pejačević Castle, Našice
    © Samir BudimPejačević Castle, Našice
  21. Martinis Marchi Castle, Šolta
    © Studio Blagec-Martinis/Marchi Heritage HoteMartinis Marchi Castle, Šolta
  22. Isabela Castle, Šolta
    © Croatian Hot SpotsIsabela Castle, Šolta
  23. Lukavec Castle, Turopolje
    © Hrvoje MarekovićLukavec Castle, Turopolje
  24. Erdody Kerestinec Castle, Kerestinec
    © Borislav MarinićErdody Kerestinec Castle, Kerestinec

The most fairytale-like castles in Croatia

Some of the prettiest castles in Southern Europe can be found in Croatia

Written by
Time Out contributors

Throughout its history, Croatia has existed under the influence of many different empires. The Greeks and the Romans once ruled here, the independent state of Venice was once in charge, then the Austro-Hungarian empire. Old family names such as Frankopan, Zrinski and Habsburg have ruled the country's regions or entirety, sometimes from fortifications used to fend off invasions by Bulgaria, Hungary, the Italians and the Ottomans. As a result, Croatia is littered with old city walls, pristinely preserved or ruined castles. Here are some of the best.

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