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Night train, Europe
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The best new European sleeper trains we can’t wait to ride in 2024

The sleeper train renaissance in Europe shows no sign of slowing down. Here are the continent’s best new night trains to ride in 2024

Written by
Ed Cunningham
Grace Beard
Liv Kelly

In 2024, Europe’s sleeper train network is arguably in a better state than it has been at any point over the past few decades. Motivated by the climate crisis and night trains being a much, much better option for the planet than planes and cars, countries across the European continent are investing huge amounts in new and revived sleeper routes.

Sleepers are back and we’re seriously here for it. Few modes of travel are so romantic, comfortable and simple: hop on a train and doze away, speed across huge distances while you kip, then wake up someplace entirely new – and, hopefully, well-rested enough to explore it.

In other words, there are plenty of reasons why you should swap flights for night trains on your next trip. But of all the new night train routes popping up across Europe, which ones should you be most excited for? Well, that’s where we train afficionados at Time Out come in. From multi-stop pan-European routes to brand-new connections between Europe’s best cities, here are some of the best new European night trains we can’t wait to ride in 2024. 

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The best European sleeper trains for 2024

Not long after European Sleeper announced their service between Brussels and Berlin, NightJet – the sleeper arm of Austria’s national rail service ÖBB – followed suit, kicking off their service between these two European capitals at the end of 2023. It’s set be strong competition for the young rail start-up, as NightJet offers a much more packed timetable, with daily services shuttling passengers from one city to the other.


Hamburg to Vienna and Innsbruck

Another service from ÖBB’s Nightjet launched in December, this time from Hamburg to Vienna and Innsbruck. The 12-hour overnight route set off on its first journey on December 10. In early 2024, the route will extend even further to the Austrian city of Bregenz.

Italy’s exciting new roster of revamped vintage trains is kicking off with this sleeper train, which will ferry visitors from Rome to the Dolomites during the winter ski season. Departing the Italian capital on Friday evenings, the Espresso Cadore train will trundle through knock-out mountain views and arrive in Cortina d’Ampezzo on Saturday mornings, just in time for a weekend of skiing.


It’s taken ten long years for two of Europe’s mightiest capitals – Paris and Berlin – to be linked by night train. Another route from sleeper train kingpin NightJet, this overnight route took off on its first sold-out journey in December. The service currently runs three times a week, taking off from Paris at 7.12pm and arriving in Berlin the next morning at 8.26am – but come autumn, the Paris-Berlin sleeper will start running daily services.

Paris to Aurillac

This overnight service between Paris and Aurillac, a commune in south-central France, has made a comeback for 2024 after being out of service since the 2000s. The Intercités night train will set off from Paris at 7.27pm and arrive in Aurillac at 7.30am. It’s all part of an initiative from the French government to strengthen rail travel across the country.


Munich to Warsaw

Another new service from ÖBB’s NightJet for 2024 will connect Munich in Germany with Warsaw in Poland. It will also pass through Rosenheim, Sazlburg, Linz, Vienna and Krakow on its way. City-hopping through Europe, here we come!


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