The best Tel Aviv spots to detox from the weekend

You can’t take those ‘poor’ weekend decisions back, but you can reverse them come Sunday

Nordau House
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Let's say the weekend got the best of you and you're feeling all kinds of sorry (that extra round of arak really shouldn't have happened). Don't fret. While Tel Aviv’s nightlife is raging, the morning-after options for an insta-fix are equally legit. From sweating out that alcohol to herbal elixirs that will make you feel like a superhero, here are the places to reinstate your equilibrium back to its tip top shape. And if all this detox gets you inspired for some serious health and fitness goals, here are 6 Tel Aviv boutique fitness studios you should know now. Or you can just grub at these wellness hotspots on the regular.

Cleanse to make amends

Beit Hana
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Join the Beit Hanna community

Beit Hanna opens its doors in Tel Aviv! The newly opened Beit Hanna is being billed as a members-only community center, open to all. Meaning unlike other members-only clubs there is no screening process or referrals. Instead, the focus is on community, networking, eating (of course!), fitness, and overall healthy living. Aside from a gym, there’s a full schedule of classes offered (think Pilates, yoga, TRX…) starting as early as 7 a.m. and running till about 8:30 p.m. all days except for Saturday (Friday, in observance of Shabbat, the last class starts at 11:30 a.m.).

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Sweat out the toxins at Bikram Yoga

If you like the heat, this style is made for you! The room is heated so that your muscles are more flexible and also allow you to burn more calories. Typically Bikram Yoga classes run for 90 minutes and consist of the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Check it out at Tel Aviv’s Bikram Yoga. At this hot spot, they also have hot pilates and hot ashtanga, complete with showers so you can return to work cool and comfortable.

Bikram Yoga, 14 Carlebach St, second floor, Tel Aviv


Urban Shaman
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Cleanse at Urban Shaman

icon-location-pin Old North

There is a good reason why Telavivians look so good. With a 10-month-long beach and surf season in Israel, locals are always looking for new ways to improve their diet and exercise routines, to balance out the stressful work hours and crazy nightlife. Following the trend is naturopath and wellness consultant Udi Sahar, and his super stylish juice cleanse delivery business called the Urban Shaman. ‘We deliver organic freshly pressed juices using state-of-the-art cold pressed technology’ says Udi. The first group detox program started after he came back to Tel Aviv after an 18-months trip around California, Mexico and Peru. Shortly after the first program, the following groups filled up by word of mouth and Udi’s team is now running cleanses almost every week. The detox has been conceptualized to fit your daily routine, as clients can sign up online and get their juices delivered to their home or work address. That way, there’s no need to get out of the house or follow a recipe, all the juices are prepped for you. Along with a daily delivery of food and pressed juices, the Urban Shaman offers online support for those embarking on the rewarding but challenging cleanse. When signing up, you can look forward to the Ultimate Green juice, an organic cold pressed juice made from leafy greens, apples, lemon and ginger. And for an interesting twist, look out for the spicy lemonAID, which blends turmeric, cayenne pepper and maple syrup with tangy lemons. Each cleans last 5 days from Sun

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Find your balance at SUP Yoga

SUP yoga is ideal for those who want to revel in the endless Israeli summer and get stretchy on the beach, while challenging their balance. Use your core to stabilize yourself on a paddleboard in the cool water while you hold the poses with the sun stroking your face. Even if you lose your balance in SUP, the water will be there to break your fall.  Get uber fit on the water at Lake TLV.

16 Biranit St, Menachem Begin Park, Tel Aviv


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Eat a healthy meal at Anastasia

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

From the minute you lay eyes on Anastasia, you will feel at home. Everything is in superabundance at this spacious café: from the light shining through the windows to the health-savvy staff and the extensive menu of vegan, raw and gluten-free options and uber-nutritious dishes. The primary focus at Anastasia is healthful vegan food. Tasty menu options include: the sweet potato quiche with a spelt crust filled with a lush walnut-based cheese, buttery lima beans and Jerusalem artichokes, all served with lightly-toasted bruschetta. Also try their towering salads boasting carefully-selected fresh vegetables and immune-boosting ingredients. There is a plethora of handmade, raw desserts sweetened with natural ingredients to choose from, such as the indulgent bite-size Kit Kat bar, made from raw chocolate, dates and amaranth crispies, decadent yet not cloyingly sweet. Also try any of their refreshing smoothies with tasty and healthy ingredients such as spirulina, goji berries, acai berries, maca, aloe vera water and chia seeds. They also have lots of treats to take home like vegan chocolates, cookies of all kinds, raw crackers and nut cheeses.

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