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Elianna Bar-El
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Elianna Bar-El

A new campaign of in-your-face posters are being distributed in Tel Aviv on the heels of the first anniversary of the astounding #METOO movement along with the powerful #whyididntreport campaign. Each and everyone is invited to take a poster, and in return, to donate any sum of money that he or she chooses. The money will be directly transferred to the Tel Aviv sexual assault crisis center. 

The women behind the posters are twenty-two year old Tel Avivians Gal Houbara and Yasmin Ben-Shahar, who represent no one but themselves; two young woman who care and who want to make a difference. They are seeking to fight and speak for everyone who can't. In the last couple of weeks, they started working on the establishment of a movement that will be based on raising awareness, preserving and strengthening discourse on the subject, while making our environment a safer one.  The posters are designed by graphic designer Lahav Halevy.

The Association of Help Centers works as a union organization for nine centers for victims of sexual assault in Israel. The assistance centers operate on an individual level, while providing emotional support for victims, as well as providing guidance in the law enforcement system in the areas of health and education by preventing, treating and identifying cases of sexual abuse. The Tel Aviv Center for Victims of Sexual Assault has experienced an increase of 50% in the recent months in the number of requests, and requests for police, legal and mental support, and therefore it is under great strain. All of the centers rely mostly on donations and volunteers, without any assistance from the state. 

The goal is to spread the posters to as many businesses and central places as possible in Tel Aviv, in order to raise awareness and increase the source of donations - to enable the continuation of the regular operation of the crisis center, as well as continued support for the victims.

These are the places where you can find the posters now:

Lachmanina (Habima &Kremnitzky St)
Edmond Café
Sara Kori Tattoo Studio
Lev Tattoos
Eats Cafeteria (Beit Hanna)

Tony ve Ester

Soon to be found as well at:

Papua Café
Café Dizengoff
Albert Café
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