The best things to do in Israel with a group of friends

Two’s company, three’s a what do you do with five? Or six? Or seven?
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Gather your friends, alert the masses, heck, you can even call up those half-decent coworkers because we’ve got the list of all lists of things to do in Israel when you’re more than third wheelin’, but less than a party posse. From Tel Aviv cafés offering board games and paint nights, to adrenaline pumping activities like trampolining, to a chill AF night out with friends, these group get togethers will keep you busy for ages.

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Bars, Beer bars

Grab a pitcher, or two, or three

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

Beer Garden is the place to go when you're wandering around Kikar Dizengoff, especially during happy hour. The food & drink establishment has named their happy hour, ‘Happy Garden,’ and from 18:30-20:30, 'tis a happy garden indeed. The popping locations believes in the ‘go-big-or-go-home’ mentality, offering 50% off the entire menu. We highly suggest you make reservations, especially if you’re a large group because the place fills up fast and to the brim. It comes as no surprise though – ideal locations, deals this good, and one of the best varieties of beer in Tel Aviv are hard to pass up. ‘Come on, get happy!’

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Chill the f**k out

Despite what the Tel Aviv nightlife Gods (or club promoters) tell you, not every night in the White City calls for heavy pregames, dancing on the tables until the sun comes up, and sunrise tylenol chasers to wash it all down. While a crazy all-nighter is necessary once in a while, sometimes you just want a no stress, chill evening with friends–one that involves some casual beers or mixed drinks, a comfortable setting, and overall great company. So if a chill AF evening is what you’re after, bring your friends to one of these ten spots. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Israeli breakfast
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Get the brunch bunch back together

We don't care how hungover you are from your wild Tel Aviv nightlife shenanigans, missing breakfast is not an option, even if you ended up sleeping in past 11:00. That's why God created brunch! (Or at least some equally hungover breakfast-lover). Wake your roommates, grab your partner, ring up your girlfriends and head on over to these delicious brunch spots featuring every type of morning cuisine from the Middle East to the Far East. 

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Fight forks over Tapas

Besides slurping a single strand of spaghetti until your lips meet in the middle like they do in Lady and the Tramp, there’s nothing more romantic than a night out with fine European and Israeli wines and Spanish sharing bites. Or maybe you’re not looking for a perfect first date...maybe you’re out with your girlfriends and just want some communal nibbles to go with your sangria cocktails. Whatever the occasion, we recommend reserving a table at one of these best restaurants in Tel Aviv serving up tapas and let each bite transport you to Spain.

Escape It
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Things to do

Try to escape (the room, not your friends)

While Tel Aviv’s nightlife guarantees a good party and Jerusalem has its fair share of fun bars, sometimes, we could all use a break from the booze. That’s where escape rooms come in. The escape room fad in Israel is growing in popularity as families, friends and coworkers are taking their stab at cracking the code on difficult scenarios and working together to escape themed rooms within the allotted timeframe. From scary murder-themed rooms to family-friendly chocolate factories, these ten escape rooms offer fun options for every escapee. Can you beat the clock and get out alive? Or will you be trapped inside for all of eternity?

Coffee scrabble
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Things to do

Teatime for twelve

In the non-stop, ever-alternative city of Tel Aviv, it’s too mainstream to simply grab a cup o’ joe or shlish of beer when you could match that drink with an activity. Sure there are a bevy of trendy coffee shops around the corner, but what about sipping your cup of tea with a good book? And why just settle for a beer, when you could also get a tasty Middle Eastern dessert and play shesh besh? If you’re looking to upgrade your pre-work coffee or post-work happy hour, try one of these multipurpose spots serving up books, records, and games alongside your drink of choice.

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Music, Music venues

Hit up the Barby

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Get your groove on at Barby. This grungy nightlife spot located on the eastern side of Tel Aviv is the place to hear the latest live acts in the White City. Showcasing a wide range of artists, Barby is guaranteed to satisfy your tastes, no matter what they may be. Often referred to as Tel Aviv's best concert venue, this dark massive room is a haven for those looking to let loose and feel the groove. Check out their website or facebook for the most up-to-date information regarding shows and events.  

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News, Music

Bust out the Beyonce

There are only so many weekends you can frequent the same local bars or leave from a night out at the club to find decorative napkins in your hair, up your sleeves, and in pockets you didn't even know you had. Why not opt for an alternative night out. Whether in Israel's party capital of Tel Aviv or down south in Be'er Sheva, the Karaoke phenomenon has hit the country from top to bottom.

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Restaurants, Ice cream parlors

Froyo fosho

icon-location-pin White City

With luscious soft serve yogurt and the freshest of toppings, Tamara Yogurt is an amazing place to chill out and enjoy some delicious treats. With insanely tasty popsicles, made daily, as well as nearly one hundred different toppings, you just can’t go wrong. This spot is great for children and adults, offering everything from post-workout treats to your classic late night sugar fix. Don’t forget to ask the cashier for a punch card because once you discover Tamara, you’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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Museums, Art and design

Appreciate the arts

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Gracing the walls of this museum are Israel’s most comprehensive collections of modern, contemporary, and Israeli art. The museum boasts an impressive collection of the old masters, diverse temporary exhibitions, displays of photography, design & architecture, a performance hall, and a beautiful, calming sculpture garden to wander around or relax in. When visiting, don’t miss the newest addition to the museum, the Herta and Paul Amir Building, which was designed by professor Preston Scott Cohen. Built around a spiraling, 90-foot high atrium, the Herta and Paul Amir Building is an architectural wonder. The interior space provides a unique setting for the display of contemporary art, a center for architecture, and a gallery.

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