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This brand new fusion of silent disco, cabaret and film comes from the deliciously cheeky minds of creative directors EastEnd Cabaret and their collaborators. Inspirations range from silent cinema to 'The Twilight Zone', with aerialists, cabaret acts, a three-channel audio experience and one huge silent disco party. Over-18s only. Co-produced by Time Out Live and 33 Events.


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(SPOILER ALERT) Between the bloody slut zombie nurses gyrating in a seductively creepy manner and crawling on the floor and the viral black and white videos from times past I just couldn't stomach much of this show and let me tell you why. It was cheap and tacky and NOT thoroughly thought out and put together. From the look of the other review's saying that the contortionist was the best part of the show I'm now even more glad that I walked out of the show post haste. What a terrible show. Honestly. Also, whoever was doing sound check must've been busy doing something else to notice that the Cher robot show was not synced up with the headphones. The art direction was not only absent but immature, kitschy, and tasteless. The robot peppered acts seemed out of place and inappropriate. There was lack of continuity and storyline. I didn't understand how all the 'acts' tied together other than a thin thread of robotics in cheap tights trying to keep it all tucked in.

It was an excelent show. The mix of erotism and the image of terror of the performance of the three nurseries, the performance of broken Cher,, the contorsionist, and above all the very fine critic with the vintage video in black and white scenes! Silent disco was excelent and it is really interesting to see how people can be dancing in the same party wirh diferent music at the same time. One of the best nights I ever had.

The entire Wonderground area had a great atmosphere, there was no shortage of things to do and importantly - drinks were reasonably priced (bar-ladies lovely too). No idea why some have reviewed the cabaret performance poorly, me and my friends all found it hilarious and impressive. The silent disco later in the night was just the icing on the cake. In short - one of the best nights out I've had in ages. Thanks TimeOut!

Overall I think it's a pretty good show. It would be good to be able to see the contortionist better and its more silent disco than anything else, but a fun night all the same. Go for a fun night out rather than a cabaret performance

No way is this a 1 star show! There is so much going on. Did these reviewers go to the same night as me? I attending the night last saturday and I've just bought tickets to go again with some other friends. It's a great night of dancing and fun, in an amazing venue with some funny films and at least 5 different performances onstage. We was dancing until 12:30 and got there at 9:20.

The cabaret was crap, the other channels available was retro music – meh! Really unimpressed and couldn’t wait to get out of there. Due to the set up of the stage, couldn’t really see what the contortionist was doing, but could tell she was the best act of the night. Maybe her act should be beamed on the screen so ppl at the back can see. In any case, don’t go, so not cool.

I wish I had read these reviews before buying tickets. Totally agree, not worth the money. Could not believe how short the performance 'cabaret' part was. Also thought that it was a given that shouting along to the music in your headphones is not really the point of a 'silent' disco, particularly if everyone else in the room is watching a performance and tuned to a different channel. Contortionist was impressive.

I arrived at 9:30 but the show doesn't really start til 10. Then you get 3 cabaret acts connected together by some wacky commentary combined with re-edited old video & some clowning. This lasts until 10:40 and then there is a silent disco til 12:30. It's basically just a silent disco with a bit of cabaret/comedy at the beginning. Not really a fusion of the two (just that you are wearing headphones throughout). I was expecting more acts for the duration. Not worth £17.50.

I arrived at 9:30 and left at 12:30, there were things going on all the time. It was a fun night the DJ's were great and it's really fun to hear the different sing along bits from the crowd. The bendy girl in the show part was amazing.

I don't agree with the other two! we were dancing till 12:30 and CHERBOT was awesome!! only bit I didn't like was the zombie dancers

An embarrassing excuse for a show. £17.50 and it lasted 40 minutes. Whole thing felt lazily put together. The fact Time Out Live and Southbank have their name on this is pretty sad... I don't think i'll be trusting their 'Critics Choice' for a long time to come. If you like Lynch, The Twilight Zone, or pretty much any of the things mentioned in the synopsis, please DO NOT go and see this show.

Possibly the worst show I have ever seen. Shame on the Southbank Centre to put their name to this. 45min, 3 acts, for £17.50. Don't waste your money!