Odeon Whiteleys London

Cinemas, Multiplex Bayswater
Odeon Whiteleys London
Venue name: Odeon Whiteleys London
Address: Queensway
W2 4YL
Transport: Tube: Bayswater/Queensway
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Whiteleys is essentially a ghost mall... it's always dead every time I've been. However the Odeon there is reliable, there's always space, half empty rooms and no queues and you can just relax and enjoy your films with some peace and quiet.


Ever wanted to just up that cinema experience with say , a waiter? Well then this is for you! I love to love this cinema! Its private and has only a few seats but man the experience is worth the £20 pricing. Its like being in first class on a British airways flight to the Maldives haha. You can recline your comfortable chair and legs in whatever position will suit you. Then when you get hungry or thirtsy you press the button to call your waitress who will bring you whatever you need! They have a wonderful menu with international cuisine and sublime cocktails .

The only downside is that you will miss parts of the movie because you'll be too busy tucking into that meal you ordered .. I know I did!

So worth it! So stylish! Love it! Highly recommended!


It's been ages since I last went to Whiteleys. But end of last week we were looking for somewhere to watch the new Bourne movie in a more upscale setting. On a short notice. The Electric Cinema was obviously sold out, so having done some basic googling we decided to give The Lounge - a relatively new addition to Whiteley's Odeon - a go. Let me focus on the good, the bad and the weird in turn. The good: there were tickets available just a couple of hours ahead of the screening. £20 gets you a good sized reclinable leather chair with foot support, a small table to hold your drinks and a 'call your waiter' button. That last bit was a nice touch (Electric Cinema doesn't have it), as you can have your drinks flowing without having to queue at the bar. Drinks are served in glassware and the cocktails we tried were decently sized and executed. You can order in the lounge, they then add the drinks to your tap (they keep track of your ticket), and then order as many as you want as you are half lying down in your leather recliner. You get the check at the end of the movie. So far so good. Two Ginger Fizzes in, while we were still in the lounge area, the staff alerted us to the fact that the movie has already started. Another nice one. The bad: the 'call a waiter' button meant people kept ordering drinks and food throughout, which resulted in a bit too much footfall and hustle for my liking. And man, does some food stink. Maybe a spice-heavy Oriental menu they featured as a special menu is not such a good idea. The weird: I don't know if we are to blame the global financial downturn or what, but the Whiteleys these days is nearly deserted. I don't think I'm far off the mark to say 80% of the retail space is currently empty. Spooky really. I have a feeling The Whiteleys as we know it, including Odeon and its The Lounge, won't be with us for much longer. But for now it's good to know they are - for one of those times you don't want to queue and want your movie served with your booze of choice.


Normally I can rely on this branch to be quiet, there to be a choice to sit anywhere, no queues and friendly service however not this Saturday!

Online 10 minutes before the film it said there were only 5 people who had booked to see Hateful 8. When I arrived there was quite a queue and once I got to the front was told it was going to be rammed and I might not get to sit next to my bf....
I think the lady must have been new/ stressed as she was flapping and turned off her cash register by mistake. She apologised plenty so I felt bad for her but after being told seating was tight I was getting a bit annoyed. 
Luckily I went in and got reasonable seats on the side near the back.... Phew! 
I think it was so busy as a lot of cinemas aren't showing it (it's well worth it by the way!) 
What really annoyed me is people coming in 30 minutes late and walking in front of the screen - not Odeon's fault though.
They were showing it in their teeny tiny screen which was a shame and for £12 each outside of the centre of London it was a bit steep! Having said that seats were comfy, there was a good view of the screen and the place was clean and tidy.
Staff Writer

The Odeon was renovated a few years ago to incorporate The Lounge and with it came bigger, more comfortable seats and a new Costa coffee machine. Though the coffee machine causes delays and the staff can be less than helpful at times, it's a pretty decent cinema-going experience on the whole. The automated ticket machines mean you can get there just minutes before a show and pretty much guarantee that you'll have time to buy your tickets (as long as it's not a sell out) so as I live really close, I can pretty much wait until the listed time before setting out.

The Lounge is a novel experience. It makes you feel a bit like a kid again - especially if you order Shirley Temples.