The Animal Party

They’ve done evenings of exquisite misery and Bacchanalian balls but the latest creative venture from The Last Tuesday Society channels far more base behaviour. The launch of their all-new Animal Party last New Year’s Eve, at a rough ‘n’ ready studio space on Hackney Road, didn’t live up to expectations: poor bar service, soundsystem and portaloos (imagine squeezing your peacock costume into one of those) meant they left with their tails firmly between their legs. But, following a fantastic weekender in March, the next of these beasts looks to undo all of the damage. Expect the usual Last Tuesday Society trademark fun like hot tubs and an animal cinema with, no doubt, some hardcore zoological visuals. Better still, ten per cent of ticket sales will go towards the conservation of rhinos. So let your imagination run wild… DC: No animal costume, no entry.


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