Vault Festival 2014: Max and Ivan – The Reunion

Comedy, Sketch shows
Vault Festival 2014: Max and Ivan – The Reunion
© Dan Burn-Forti
Max and Ivan deservedly bagged a nomination at this year's Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards for their latest offering, The Reunion. It might not feature car chases or fight scenes like their previous shows, but by choosing a theme a little closer to home they’ve produced a warmer, funnier and more engrossing hour that’s a feelgood triumph. The story centres around Brian Bollingsworth – 28-years-old, hyper-allergic and ‘struggles with cheese’ – who sees his school reunion as a chance to finally admit his true feelings to childhood sweetheart Jessica. We all knew a Brian Bollingsworth at school, and it’s these comically exaggerated yet eerily familiar characters, all played exquisitely by the duo, that drive the cheesy, ’80s-teen-movie narrative. Bloody marvellous.


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