Childrens Art Commission: Alan Kane – Home for Orphaned Dishes

Childrens Art Commission: Alan Kane – Home for Orphaned Dishes
Installation view, Children’s Art Commission: Alan Kane: Home for Orphaned Dishes
The Whitechapel Gallery's Childrens Art Commission is a floor-to-ceiling display devised by Alan Kane, which celebrates the resurgence in the 1960s and 1970s of wheel-thrown, glazed stone and slipware pottery. These objects, in the typically rustic earthy tones of the era, are the basis of a family-friendly, participatory display. Visitors are invited to contribute to the collection by visiting charity shops, rummaging in the attic or shed, or searching the back of the kitchen cupboards to find pieces of pottery that are intriguing, unusual or strange, and bringing their finds to the gallery, where they can be labelled, categorised and added to the exhibition. Visit the website to download a quiz and a map of local charity shops, where orphaned dishes may be found. Prizes for the most unwanted, unusual and ugliest pots will awarded at a special family day (Sep 3 noon).


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