Junior Open House Festival

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© Tom James Junior Open House Festival, City of a Thousand Architects
This two day festival explores great architecture in the City of London's Square Mile. Packed with activities, tours and workshops in buildings and public spaces including Legobusier, Kite Clubs, Scooter Trails, Spacemakers, Barbican, Broadgate Tower and Leadenhall Market, the festival aims to get children and their families in the square mile experiencing parts of the city they never normally enter or explore. Activities include City of a Thousand Architects in which you can help build a GIANT model city, full of skyscrapers, stadiums, and skyrockets (Sat & Sun 10am-4pm) and Shaping Sound, in which participants create sound using architecture as their instrument (Sun 10am-2pm).


Event phone: 020 7383 0782
Event website: http://www.open-city.org.uk
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