The Playground

Another rambunctious and sleazy electro-indie-techno affair from those cool kidz at The Playground, who upsize to King's Cross's Scala for a mammoth Parisian-style electro bash. They've nearly 20 acts tonight over three rooms, including TTC producer and one time Daft Punk remixer Para One – he's just launched his own label with Bobmo and Surkin called Marbles following the closure of Institubes – plus London electro duo Autokratz, who have just started a brand new label too, Paul Chambers and rock 'n' rave duo South Central, Teenage Badgirl, Acid Washed and Lighthouses – and that's just in room one! Arveene & Misk, Neo Tokyo, Punx Soundcheck and more add Kitsuné Maison and indie remix flavours in room two, while there's more electro-disco up in room three with Tronic Youth and You Love Her Coz She's Dead. It sounds a little stuck in Justice-era 2005, but we're sure it'll still rock like a bastard.