Where the Wild Flowers Are

Music, Classical and opera
Special promenade performances lead audiences between three of the City's historic churches – St Mary-at-Hill, St Olave Hart Street and St Stephen Walbrook – in celebration of wildflowers. In each church, solo musicians give the premières of specially commissioned miniatures, and performers read new poems. Jonathan Dove and Jane Buckler's 'Bindweed'; Alec Roth and James Brookes's 'Rough Hawkbit'; Ellen Southern and Sean Borodale's 'Creeping Buttercup'; Julian Grant and Lavinia Singer's 'Meadow Vetchling'; Katherine Gilham and John Agard's 'Speedwell'; Ian McCrae and Alex MacInnis's 'Dandelion'; James Redwood and Deborah Harrison's 'Bluebell'; John Barber and Colette Sensier's 'Oxeye Daisy'; Jack Ross and Charlotte Greater's 'Crested Dog's Tail'; Jonathan Gill and Kay Syrad's 'Black Knapweed'; Jim Redwood and Alys Fowler's 'Selfheal'; Joshua Kaye and Charlotte Gann's 'Poppy'; Ella Jarman-Pinto and Charlotte Runcie's 'Lesser Trefoil'; Benjamin Graves and Jane Metcalfe's 'Wild Mignonette'; Jason Anderson and Steve Willey's 'Viper's Bugloss'; and Peter Longworth and Dave Swann's 'Yarrow'. Clare Whistler curates.


Event phone: 0845 120 7502
Event website: http://www.colf.org