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What is it with the Wellcome Collection and life’s imperfections? First the Euston gallery and event space held a show devoted entirely to death. Then it hosts a major exhibition featuring ‘outsider art’ by Japanese social welfare recipients. And now it comes crashing into our calendars with ‘Wrong!’, a self-styled ‘carnival of human error’ scheduled for Friday night (assuming we haven’t mucked up the date).

If our own excitement is anything to go by, the organisers have done a whole lot right. Neuroscientist Kris de Meyer and filmmaker Sheila Marshall preview scenes from the documentary ‘Right Between Your Ears’, featuring the persistently Earthbound evangelicals who braced themselves for the Rapture on May 21 2011, only to suffer the embarrassment of, you know, not dying. Later, psychologist Amina Memon examines the malleability of memory and the uncertainty of eyewitness accounts. But the erudition stops there. Clowning workshops, specially devised games of ‘creative wrongness’ and a cabaret, featuring witty songstress Jo Stephenson and others, ensure an appropriate dose of tomfoolery, while the all-night ‘Carnival of Fools’, in which a roving troupe of musical clowns behave broadly according to type, keeps the proceedings more bumbling than bookish.

Most intriguing of all, though, are sure to be the ‘shame confessions’ – visitors’ own stories of error and miscalculation. Visit the Wellcome Collection website before the event and leave yours at the Shame Confessional, or submit on the night, then prepare to see your most idiotic moment displayed for all to see. And don’t worry about feeling too embarrassed: that great enabler of human fallibility – the bar – will be open all night.


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