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Dancing on the Edge

Mon Feb 11, 9-10pm, BBC2

Cathal Macilwaine
Series one, episode three
With Jessie in a coma after the shattering climax of last week’s episode, bedside vigils and hasty, nervy alibis are the order of the day. John Goodman’s Masterson is perhaps suspiciously quick to establish his whereabouts, whereas Louis, who was, after all, in the company of royalty at the time of the attack, is understandably perplexed to be assured he is not a suspect.

Tonight’s a slowburner, with trouble at Stanley’s magazine, controversy at the German embassy and the development of a couple of rather sweet love affairs holding sway. But do prepare yourself for another late shock. The pace feels more relaxed this week, but Stephen Poliakoff continues to make his points about race and power with great aplomb while the fine ensemble cast have a ball.