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Horizon: the Truth about Meteors

Sun Mar 3, 9-10pm, BBC2

Wow. Those meteors, eh? Never have the controllers of rolling news channels been more grateful for camera-phone technology. Already, you’d have to assume that the footage obtained by the various witnesses to the meteorite crash in the Urals will be among the most memorable moving images of 2013. But here are a pair of swiftly assembled documentaries pondering what, if anything, it all means. BBC2’s offering is presented by the heartily engaging Professor Iain Stewart. He’ll be exploring the role of meteorites in earth’s history and assessing the possibility of them making a return visit at some point.

C4’s documentary airs at 8pm and will, we’d imagine, be attempting something fairly similar while utilising a slightly more dramatic title(‘Meteor Strike: Fireball from Space’, no less!) – although it does promise previously unseen footage, which, let’s be honest, is what it’s all about. No preview material was available for either of these films, but both sound intriguing.