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Fri Mar 8, 10-10.30pm, Comedy Central

Series four, episode one
Amazingly, this ‘Rude Tube’ knock-off is starting its fourth season with Daniel Tosh at the helm. Even more astonishingly, following the controversy surrounding a joke about rape he made last July, Tosh is still joking about it. And that’s not all – he slips in some casual racism with a grin: ‘I’ve been gone for a while – are Asians still doing weird stuff?’

This is foul television on so many levels. Three minutes in, we’ve already witnessed a bare arse falling off a trampoline and a sleeping man puking up spaghetti. Somewhere there must be an audience for this tired, point-and-laugh format: how else could Tosh have talked Chris Rock on to the show? Perhaps in the US, the Floridian funny man is a highly rated comedian; over here, he’s a right load of tosh.