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Case Histories

Sun May 19, 8.30-10pm, BBC1

Series two, episode one
Kate Atkinson’s downbeat gumshoe Jackson Brodie returns for another three stories – and even if ‘Case Histories’ isn’t breaking any new ground, it still has plenty going for it. For a start, Jason Isaacs is excellent in the lead: a crumpled mess of commitment-phobia, vaguely good intentions and despairingly self-effacing humour. The supporting cast are more than decent too – tonight Victoria Wood appears as a melancholy, childless, middle-aged woman, while there are also turns from Gary Lewis and Zawe Ashton.

For a genre piece, the story’s full of nice inventive touches – tonight a stray dog, which initially feels like a clunky metaphor for Brodie’s rootlessness, turns out to be something rather more significant. This tale of police corruption, abandonment and last chances is bleak but satisfying Sunday evening fare.



Not suitable for below the watershed