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Drama Matters: Talking to the Dead

Tue Oct 15, 9-10pm, Sky Living

Episode one
This final instalment in Sky Living’s patchy but occasionally inspired run of drama pilots is a two-parter, adapted from Harry Bingham’s novel of the same name. It stars Sophie Rundle as DC Fiona Griffiths, a young murder cop making her way in Wales by utilising an unusual and disturbing skill – which is none-too-subtly hinted at in the title.

Rundle is excellent – vulnerable, likeable, slightly gauche – and carries the piece with sturdy support from Russell Tovey and the reliably devilish Michael Smiley. The side effect of DC Griffith’s gift is a certain mental fragility which makes her easy to root for. The supernatural elements clang a little at time – isn’t it usually thus? – but generally, this is a gently absorbing watch.