Dynamo’s Top Ten Greatest Moments

Thu Dec 12, 9-10pm, Watch

While it may be virtually impossible to fathom how the incredibly talented Dynamo performs his spectacular tricks, that hardly makes it necessary to discuss it ad nauseam. In ‘Dynamo: Top Ten Greatest Moments’, the effusive praise of fans and celebrities is rarely insightful or funny (Adam Buxton and Keith Lemon excepted) and frequently dry and repetitive. ‘When he stunned me, I was amazed,’ for example, sheds little light on the great man’s skills.

It’s a shame, because the stunts and illusions themselves are amazing, albeit familiar to Dynamo’s sizeable fanbase. The genuine, unrehearsed and spontaneous reactions of the people who witness his magic are a joy to behold, the endless fawning much less so. Dynamo’s tricks may look ‘impossible’ and appear to defy the laws of nature, but isn’t that the point?