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Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day

Tue Apr 9, 9-10pm, BBC2

Series one, episode three
Pat is waiting for his wife Laura to reawaken after an emergency brain operation. It’s while watching his agonies of barely suppressed anxiety that the truly wonderful thing about the NHS becomes apparent. Intensive care costs £1,600 per person, per day. But that’s the one – perhaps only – thing Pat needn’t worry about. Laura will be there for as long as she needs to be, and at no stage will Pat have to ask himself whether he can afford it.

As this incredibly timely series continues, we see many more examples of the NHS’s workaday benevolence. Tonight, we range from GP Chris Abel, who holds the fort on an isolated island off the west coast of Scotland, to the National Hospital of Neurology where one patient begins ‘one of the most important days of his life’ wondering if his tumour can be removed. Tumours in need of removal? Feel free to insert your own comparisons with the present government at this point…


susan harker
susan harker

Keeping Britain Alive - 2nd April - Part 2. My husband has dementia, I am his full time carer and could identify with the couple in your programme. But they appear to have no respite, day care and I was shocked to read the husband now in a 'secure unit' awaiting a care home. Whatever happened, please let viewers know. I am not alone - kind regards