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The Bible

Sat Dec 7, 9-10.55pm, C5

Series one, episode two
Apparently this adaptation ‘endeavours to stay true to the spirit of the book’. That being the case, ‘The Bible’ will surely go down as the most blasphemous piece of mainstream pop culture since Graham Chapman got nailed to a cross back in 1979. In places it’s almost as funny as ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian’, too: the random shouting, muscled-up loincloth posing and hilariously foregrounded exposition sometimes achieve a weird kind of comedy transcendence. Mostly, though, it’s just daft, and the sheer incompetence on display crowds out any unintentional humour.

This week, Jericho (spoiler alert: there’s a bit of a problem with the walls), Samson (‘Why are you so strong?’ asks an adversary, helpfully) and Uriah, David and Bathsheba (think ‘Game of Thrones’ only, you know, shit). Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.