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The Escape Artist

Tue Nov 5, 9-10pm, BBC1

Episode two
However strikingly he’s brought to life, there’s something slightly standard issue about Toby Kebbell’s bird-fancying psycho Liam Foyle. So much so that we’d like this ‘Cape Fear’-echoing legal drama to find a way of throwing a spanner in the works of his apparently obvious guilt.

Hopefully they will but, in the meantime, he’s still gazing smugly at David Tennant’s Will Burton as he and his son struggle with the grieving process. Burton’s also having to content himself with a spot of backseat barristering – he can’t be professionally involved in the case of his murdered wife, so he’s having to meet his colleagues at a sushi bar to influence events.

This still feels a little formulaic, but the set-up should allow for a taut climax; if you’ve stuck with it up to now, you’ll want to know how far Burton will go to avenge his wife – and what Foyle might do to stop him.