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Uefa Super Cup Live: Bayern Munich v Chelsea

Uefa Super Cup Live: Bayern Munich v Chelsea

Fri Aug 30, 7.30-10.10pm, ITV

By Phil Harrison
When June 2014 comes around, World Cup fever is in the air and Europe’s footballers are tired and injured, this will be the kind of game that is to blame. Much as it’s presumably an honour to be a part of, the Uefa Super Cup – in which the Champions League winners take on the Europa League champions – has the feel of one of those slightly superfluous competitions whose absence wouldn’t really be noticed if they were to disappear.

Still, just now, Chelsea seem to be walking on air. The second coming of the newly chipper Jose Mourinho has given them the look of a team with serious ambition and the wherewithal to back it up. Bayern Munich are their formidable opponents and will be an intimidating prospect, as always. But the Blues don’t give the impression of scaring easily at the moment.

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