Annie Vazquez
Photograph: Lauren Cedeño

Let’s Do Lunch: with the Fashion Poet, Annie Vazquez

We’re inviting local influencers to join us at Time Out Market Miami to eat and dish on what’s happening in the city

Virginia Gil

Welcome to our new series, Let’s Do Lunch, where we invite local luminaries, influencers and tastemakers to break bread with us at Time Out Market Miami and dish on what’s happening in the city. This month, we sat down with fashion blogger and wellness advocate Annie Vazquez, who began her career as a fashion writer for the Miami Herald before launching her own lifestyle site, the Fashion Poet. Recently, she’s branched out into self-care and holistic healing with her new project, Annie the AlchemistVazquez and I caught up over Wabi Sabi bowls and dished on body positivity, her favorite Miami neighborhood and embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.   

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It’s your first time at Time Out Market Miami. What’s your take on it?

The Market is comfortable. You can hang out here, and I like that there’s something for everyone—lots of variety. I don’t usually go out at night, so [lunch] is perfect.

What’s your favorite neighborhood to explore in Miami?

I recently moved to Edgewater [from Coral Gables] and it’s a different vibe; I feel at home here. The energy in Edgewater is lighter—I don’t know if it has to do with the water or the people around. I’m super close to Wynwood, so I’ve been going to SOL Yoga. I’m trying to discover my new neighborhood and find healthy food options to show people, like the area Pura Vida, which is beautiful.

What do you like most about your new ’hood?

To me, Edgewater has a little bit of the New York energy. I like that there are little bodegas where I can go at 10pm and get a snack or a drink. People in Edgewater walk everywhere. I love being able to wake up and walk. I don’t like driving around in Miami—we’re so aggressive behind the wheel! 

You’ve recently shifted the focused your blog from fashion to lifestyle and self-care. What message do you hope to get across?

I want people to feel good about themselves and not feel pressured to buy something or look a certain way. There’s power in purchasing. People think they need certain things but none of that will make them happy. Working in fashion, I had a moment when I thought to myself, what am I doing? I’m not helping anyone. I’m just showing them where to go and spend their money, which is initially going to give them satisfaction but that’s it. I felt like I had to do better.

How are you educating your readers?

I’ve already seen it in friends and other people who don’t buy a product or will ask me about cruelty-free products. I did a segment on mascara the other day and received a bunch fo DMs. I think doing it and showing people is helping. I have a lot of friends who tell me I’ve inspired them and it makes me feel good. I’m also focusing on wellness and body positivity, which is really important to me. So, today you feel bloated but then tomorrow you might not. Why should it impact your ego so much?

What’s been the most eye-opening moment for you in your wellness journey?

For me, it’s been that I can be healthy without looking a certain way. I get it all the time. People ask me if I exercise and, yes, of course, I do. I don’t have to look a certain physical way to be healthy. I’ve learned the impact we have on brands as consumers. I’m not going to put toxins in my body and I have the power to make that choice. We are empowered. 

Do you think Miami is embracing this cleaner, holistic lifestyle?

I think there are businesses that are slowly making changes. For example, there’s a place called the Hideout Café by Team Vinchay that doesn’t have paper towels or straws, and everything is recyclable—plus the food is vegetarian. Sunny Isles has also banned plastic bags. People are catching up, the awareness is there.

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