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Shops at Merrick Park
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Phillip Pessar

Coral Gables, Miami neighborhood guide

Explore Coral Gables, Miami, with our guide to the area's best restaurants, bars, entertainment and things to do

Written by
Time Out Miami editors

Coral Gables, Miami, is a peachy habitat of terracotta roofs, jewel-like colors and (mostly) lush vegetation. Once a tiny Miami suburb, founded in 1925 as one of the country’s first planned communities, the “City Beautiful” is now a spotless home for more than 100 multinational companies and a score of consulates and trade offices. A number of Miami’s best restaurants are clustered near Miracle Mile, the section that runs down the central business district. Several interesting spots remain in the streets immediately north, from the Old Fire House & Police Station that now encompasses one of the best museums in Miami and the building that now houses one of the city’s finest independent bookstores, Books & Books, to the tiny Miami boutique hotels scattered about. Coral Gables, Miami, with its many fountains, plazas and picturesque corners, has plenty of old-world charm to offer.  

Guide to Coral Gables, Miami