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Stay Classy
Photograph: Agence Vitriol | Stay Classy

Don’t miss the free zero alcohol beer tastings downtown Montreal this month

In partnership with craft beer importer Agence Vitriol, Time Out Market Montréal is putting the spotlight on Canadian and Danish alcohol-free brews this February.

Written by
Laura Osborne

The Beer Bar at Time Out Market Montreal is featuring one of our favourite local craft beer importers this February: Agence Vitriol.

What makes Vitriol so special?

Agence Vitriol is a craft beer import agency based in Quebec that was established in 2016 by two passionate beer enthusiasts, Éric Michaud and Jean-François Lussier, who welcomed Martin Hébert two years later. Vitriol aims to bridge the gap between beer connoisseurs and foreign craft breweries, progressively expanding its portfolio to include craft cider, spirits, and a variety of alcohol-free craft beverages. In 2023, Vitriol merged with its competitor, Importation Pivot, and Frédéric D’Amours (the founder of Pivot) joined the Vitriol team, and features some of the best beverages from around the world—with and without alcohol.

Vitriol will be pouring beer from two breweries at Time Out Market Montréal, home to some of the best chefs and restaurants under one roof: Bellwoods Brewery and Mikkeller. Bellwoods Brewery started as a small brewery in west Toronto in 2012 and has had a few growth spurts over the years. Its flagship beers like Jelly King are known worldwide, and Bellwoods remains one of the most recognized and appreciated Canadian breweries around. In 2022, it rolled out a range of non-alcoholic beers that live up to the brewery's excellent reputation.

Mikkeller is a brewery that is known for boldness, innovation, and is a well-established and admired brand. As the most well-known brewery in Denmark, Mikkeller exports to over 50 countries and carries a line of non-alcoholic beers created in collaboration with the Belgian brewery De Proef.

Agence Vitriol
Photograph: Agence Vitriol

When are the free tastings at Time Out Market Montreal?

Don't miss the official tasting day on Thursday, February 8, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Beer Bar at Time Out Market Montreal (one of the 6 bars at Time Out Market Montreal). You'll have the opportunity to meet the brand ambassador during happy hour and learn from their expertise while enjoying snacks from some of the city's best chefs and restaurants, and sipping on the latest brew from Bellwoods and Mikkeller.

What beers will be available at the market?

Stay Classy | Bellwoods Brewery

This IPA with multiple cold dry-hop infusions has notes of citrus zest and yellow grapefruit, along with a bitter finish reminiscent of West Coast IPAs, and boasts flawless drinkability.

Stay Classy
Photograph: Agence Vitriol | Stay Classy

Jelly King | Bellwoods Brewery

This dry-hopped sour is the perfect recipe for a good time thanks to its intoxicating peachy flavour and cold dry hopping.

Jelly King
Photograph: Agence Vitriol | Jelly King

Limbo Yuzu | Mikkeller

A subtly tart ale that puts yuzu in the spotlight, this beer delivers a peppery and slightly herbaceous zest in the mouth and a refreshing, perfectly balanced body.

Limbo Yuzu
Photograph: Agence Vitriol | Limbo Yuzu

Henry and his Science | Mikkeller

This microbiologically tropical ale brewed with Mikkellensis, a yeast strain developed with Belgian brewery De Proef, doesn’t let hops or its residual sweetness dictate its identity. 

Henry and his Science
Photograph: Agence Vitriol | Henry and his Science

Each month, a local microbrewery is invited to offer a selection of their best products at the Beer Bar at Time Out Market Montreal. For more information about Agence Vitriol, click here.

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