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Photograph: Elodie Meyer | Le Trou - Bagels Shop Griffintown

How to Get Philadelphia Cream Cheese Socks with your Montreal Bagel Nikes

A three-pack of flavours—Original, Chive & Onion and Strawberry—will be dropping soon as no bagel is complete without Philly cream cheese.

Written by
Laura Osborne

What goes better with bagels than cream cheese? 

Fresh on the heels of Nike’s launch of the Dunk Low Montreal Bagel sneaker, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is dropping some socks to go with them.

Talk about sole-mates.

The limited edition "Schmear Socks" have the appearance of lavishly spread cream cheese. 

The three-pack will include Original, Chive & Onion and Strawberry flavours packaged in the style of Philly’s cream cheese containers. Whether you’re a fan of cheesy fashion or not, we can all agree that Montreal’s iconic bagels are officially a North American inspiration.

“A bagel is nothing without smooth, creamy Philly,”  Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada announced via their Instagram page. “That’s why we’re dropping Philly Schmear Socks, to complete your bagel-inspired ‘fit. Keep your eyes on our IG to find out when they’re dropping and how to get a pair yourself.”

The Dunk Low Montreal Bagel sneaker—described on the Nike site as having “fresh-baked style”— officially dropped on January 17, 2023. 

The kicks in question feature a two-tone tan exterior covered with sesame seed details, and a blue swoosh as a nod to the provincial flag.

The best part? Check out the wood graphics (possibly inspired by our glorious woods and national parks?) hidden on the insole.

As described on the Nike website, the Dunk Low Montreal Bagel sneaker “rings you in with carb-lover colors, plus a pinch of Montreal blue for an extra shout-out to the city from la belle province. Garnished with sesame seed graphics and finished with a gum-colored sole, it's satisfyingly easy to style—'cause everything goes better on top of a bagel.”

Dua Lipa, who recently shared her love for Montreal bagels, would approve. 

For updates about the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Socks, click here.

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