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Rustique Pie Kitchen
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Where to find the best pies in Montreal

Slice up one of the best pies in Montreal from these bakeries and pastry kings doing top-notch sweet specialties.

JP Karwacki
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Tommy Dion
JP Karwacki

Whether you're looking to steal the show during a holiday feast, or you're looking to enjoy some astronomically good food using fruit in its peak seasons of spring and summer, the best pies in Montreal are just what you need. Ranking highly among the options for the best dessert in Montreal, these babies are loaded up with anything from blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and raspberries to orchards that have the best apple picking in Montreal. These pies have something nostalgic and heartwarming about them, something that ought to conjure a grandmother's touch. Time to get greedy and dig in (and no shame if you don't want to share).

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Here's where to find the best pies in Montreal right now

Few places in Montreal can top Rustique in Saint-Henri when it comes to pie. Their full formats and mini versions both equally make for some exquisite eats, handled in such a way that they really carry that homecooked feel to them. Classic fruit-filled options are available alongside specialties—we once ordered a Neapolitan option with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry filling—as well as cakes, muffins, squares and more. It's out first stop in town (and go early in the morning when it's fresh!).

After Rustique—and this is a very, very close second here—comes this darling spot in Verdun. It's a veritable house of a thousand and one pleasure when considering their selection that full to burst with baked goods, but the pies are among the best things to pick up. Seasonal fruits like apple and berries get placed alongside maple-pumpkin spice, sugar pies, and the pecan option are among our most highly-regarded. Grab a cake or scone while you're there for good measure.


With seven (7!) locations in the greater Montreal area, this bakery chain defies the standard "expansion = watering down" assessment that hungry Montrealers tend to equate. The quality's consistent across the board for their mile-high pies that are hard to find elsewhere in the city, from the Oreo-cheesecake, to banana and Boston creams, the chocolate brownie or strawberry cheesecake. Despite their size, it's also one of the more affordable options in town as well.

The Montreal outposts in Jean-Talon Market and Atwater Market of this Lanaudière-based bakery are just as good as their parent, all serving the same famous wild blueberry pie that keeps them relevant in this city's world of pie. We've barely broken through the crust here, however: The cherry and three-fruit pies are worth mentioning as well. Grab three of them for $20 and plan a picnic or wow your next dinner party here.


Any self-respecting Montrealer is going to say that the best sugar pie comes straight out of their family's kitchen, but the next best thing is found at this pastry shop at Jean-Talon Market. Get that blood sugar spiking with a bite of their famous recipe; if you're not one for that variety, they've got a huge variety of other flavours as well, as well as quiches and small treats worth picking up.

Here us out: This Montreal chain does a solid pie. Première Moisson's rampant expansion in the city may suggest that it ain't worth considering when it comes to that classic, homebaked feel you're looking for, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Its bakers roll out all kinds of seasonal varieties to pick from, working with the seasons (as any true bakery should), and all of them tend to undercut other bakeries in town with some solid, affordable prices.


Consider this a hot tip: Don't let Westmount have all the fun and pay a visit to their neighbourhood favourite. Specializing in cakes, cupcakes, pastries, quiches and breads, they've also got a formidable selection of thick-crusted, fruit-filled pies to pick from. Most of all, we're betting money that this is where you can pick up the best apple pie in town.


Since Bucky Rooster's opened in August out of the original site for Evelina's—a new project from Arthurs Nosh Bar and the Saint-Henri Letter Bet art space—it's caught some major fire in town. The fried chicken is undoubtedly worth a trip, but so is the latter half of their 'late night pies 'n' thighs' concept: Two pies are on offer at the time of this article by the slice or whole, key lime or blueberry (but they've been known to throw in a few new flavours from time to time).


The small neighborhood café located in the Village offering delicious pastries, coffee and ready-to-go meals also offers some seriously delicious pies made with a lot of love. Using only seasonal fruits from Quebec, David Plant Food's pies are plump and packed with fruit, and that secures them a solid spot in our list for pie destinations in the city. Our money's on you going in for one, but walking out with a few other goodies under your arm.

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