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Adventure Quatre Saison
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Where to go dog sledding near Montreal to make the most of winter

Discover winter in a whole new way with this guide to the best dog sledding Montreal has to offer in the region

Written by
Gregory Vodden
Laura Osborne

Once you add the dog sledding Montreal has to offer in its surrounding region, winter will never be the same. When you think of all the best things to do in Montreal in winter—from the best ice skating in Montreal and the the best Montreal skiing to taking trips to a Montreal sugar shack—things get unforgettable once dog sledding is involved. Dog sledding’s long been the realm of hardcore sustenance hunters and only the most serious backwoods travellers, but times have changed and modern recreational dog sledding is safe, accessible, and one of Quebec’s most interesting winter activities.

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Where to go dog sledding near Montreal

Founded in 2005, Kinadapt is an outdoor education and training center founded by Kinesiologist Peter W. Boutin as a way to share his passion for the outdoors, physical activity, and sled dogs. They offer an incredible range of expedition types, from beginner trails with professional guides to day-long treks and even midnight runs. Kinadapt also offers an intensive 40-hour mushing class, and a whole slew of other exciting outdoor activities including snowshoeing, fat biking, and even dog-hiking and dog-skiing trips.

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal

Mont-Tremblant has long been one of Quebec’s major community hubs for winter sports. The center offers an impressive range of excursion types to choose from, including quick beginner runs, personalized tours, and day-long mountain treks. After a quick history lesson and a thorough tutorial on how to run a dog sled, each of these trips offers visitors a chance to drive their very own dog sled (but you can also ride as a passenger if you’re skittish).

Travel time: 1 hour 50 minutes from Montreal


At Laurel Adventure Nature in Wentworth-North, owners Yannick and Marie-Hélène are eager to welcome visitors into the exciting world of dog sledding; after a meticulous hour-long training session, visitors embark on a thrilling 14 kilometer-long, 90-minute voyage deep into the bush, either leading a dog sled all to themselves or riding along with an experienced guide.  In addition to dog sled excursions, there’s also snowmobile tours, snowshoeing hikes, and even overnight packages with a cozy tipi to crash in when the day is done.

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal

At Rivière-Rouge’s Expédition Wolf, it’s all about the dogs, and the company’s nearly 20 expert staff members exhibit a sincere love and respect for their animals. Expédition Wolf’s pack consists of over 220 huskies, half of which were born at the organization itself, while the other half are rescues. The company offers entry-level treks aimed at beginners that cover a distance of about 10km and generally last about an hour, available seven days a week from early December to late March.

Travel time: 2 hours from Montreal


Adventure Quatre Saisons in Rivière-Rouge is a solid drive from Montreal, but the further you stray from the hustle and bustle of Montreal, the closer you’ll get to real backcountry. Adventure Quatre Saison offers you a chance to experience that natural beauty as you pilot your own team of dogs, or get bundled up as a passenger on a sled driven by an experienced musher. All these experiences offer a range of packages and treks, including overnight stays in cozy Mongolian-style yurts. For the best experience, go for a canicross package which pairs you with one of the company’s eager canines in a unique dog sled and hiking hybrid experience.

Travel time: 2 hours from Montreal

Aventures Plein Air St-Hippolyte has welcomed visitors to their home base on the shores of Lake Morency for over 15 years. Known for a range of all-seasons activities, this place is especially loved for its dog sledding program. The program offers three variations of their dog sledding treks, including a beginner course (with a training segment for those just starting out), an intermediate 2-hour run through the forests and valleys surrounding Lake Morency, and even an immersive 5-hour package for serious dog sledding aficionados.

Travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes from Montreal


Ranch Robert is one of the closest dog sledding experiences to Montreal, and although horses are their mainstay during the warmer months, their dog sledding team reigns supreme during the wintertime. Ranch Robert’s dog sledding treks are configured for a single occupant per sled, so all participants run their own personal team of dogs. Participants must be at least 12 years old, and Ranch Robert asks its participants to bring along ski goggles, a warm pair of mittens, and appropriate footwear— otherwise, everyone is welcome!

Travel time: 1 hour from Montreal

Boasting a kennel of over 250 Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, an experienced staff of seasoned mushers, and an expansive set of groomed trails, Chenil la Pursuite has over 15 years in the business and has become one of the Quebec City area’s most trusted winter sports venues. They also offer tubing, snowshoeing, and hiking excursions from December to early April every year.

Travel time: 2 hours 30 minutes from Montreal


Here you’ll find black bear watching trips and four-wheeler safari adventures during the summer months, but during the winter, this place specializes in dog sledding adventures. They offer a selection of different packages, from easy-going beginner courses to endurance treks of up to 7 hours for anyone looking to push their limits. They even offer a special package for the dog-obsessed, featuring a lengthy one-on-one bonding time with the dogs and their trainers.

Travel time: 3 hours from Montreal

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