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Mountain View Cabin in Lac-Beauport, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

The 12 best Airbnb cabins near Montreal

These awesome cabins are all you need for an escape into forests, onto mountainsides, by lakes, and more

Written by
JP Karwacki
Ella Doyle
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Camila Karalyte

The gorgeous, bustling city of Montreal is well-packed with things to do, but sometimes you just want to take a breather and step outside into the natural world, away from the chaos. And the best thing for some R&R? A night or two in a cozy cabin Airbnb. Do you smell that? Fresh air and nature. We've found the best cabin Airbnbs near Montreal, from rustic getaways to glamorous yet woodsy hideaways, plus everything in between for romance or good times with bigger groups. These destinations are best paired with scenic drives from Montreal, and – as they're all within reasonable drive times – can last anywhere from a weekend getaway to a long and pampered stay that's only rivaled by the best secluded Airbnbs near Montreal.

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Best Airbnb cabins near Montreal

The forested cabin in La Conception, Québec
Photograph: Airbnb

1. The forested cabin in La Conception, Québec

1 hour 45 minutes from Montreal

This isn’t just any cabin – this is a mega-cabin. It’s got two bedrooms and fits four guests, but unlike most of these cabins and tiny houses, you’ll have all the space you need right here. There’s also a huge deck outside where you can relax outside and watch the stars come out at night. You’re also surrounded by endless activities – camping, hiking, cycling, and skiing. The works.

Rooms? Two. Sleeps four guests.

Mood? Nature's playground.

Location perks? In the middle of a forest with epic walking and hiking opportunities all around.

Budget range? A super affordable stay in a stunning remote getaway.

The perched chalet in Sainte-Béatrix, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

2. The perched chalet in Sainte-Béatrix, Québec

1.5 hours from Montreal

Billed as a 'luxury micro-chalet', this mountainside cabin fashioned after a treehouse is positioned in such a way that gives a great panoramic view of the L’Assumption River alongside its surrounding hills. It can take up to four guests at a time, and there are a lot of creature comforts to enjoy like its raclette grill and Chinese fondue setup from the kitchen, its mountain-facing terraces, a BBQ, a fire pit and a hot tub for those chillier nights.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.

Mood? Secluded paradise.

Location perks? River and mountain views surround you – while the forest is on your doorstep.

Budget range? A budget-friendly romantic getaway option.

The forest refuge in Cookshire-Eaton, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

3. The forest refuge in Cookshire-Eaton, Québec

2 hours from Montreal

This one goes out to anyone who wants the real cabin experience: No electricity, no running water, and no Wi-Fi. Just relaxing and cooking by the fire, listening to birdsong in the morning and watching the stars glow overhead at night, go hiking or swinging from side to side with a good book in its hammock. Some of the best cabin stays are just that simplistic and for good reason. Skip anything that smacks of city life and get yourself a true escape from it all here.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.

Mood? Hippie haven.

Location perks? This is the ultimate place for rest and relaxation – reading in the hammock or eating alfresco is just what the forest ordered.

Budget range? An absolute steal. Go wild and book a week.

The rustic log cabin in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Québec
Photograph: Airbnb

4. The rustic log cabin in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Québec

1.5 hours from Montreal

Fancy waking up to a roaring fire, majestic conifers and an actual spa? We’ve got just the place. This simply perfect little cabin is as brilliant inside as it is outside, complete with cozy furnishings, wooden beams and, yep, that’s right, a hot tub out on the deck too. Plus there’s a cute little area outside with sitting logs and a little fire in the middle. 

Rooms? Three. Sleeps six guests.

Mood? Boujie chalet vibes.

Location perks? From hot tubs on the deck to the natural light peeking in at every corner, this mountainous location is prime.

Budget range? A high-end getaway without the hefty price tag. 

The cabin in the woods in Labelle, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

5. The cabin in the woods in Labelle, Québec

2 hours from Montreal

Fully going off the grid and isolated by the surrounding forestry, this cabin is located on a 35-acre site that's bordered by the Red River. Expect the full rustic cabin experience by waking up with the sun and going to bed by firelight, perching yourself on its patio and listening to teeming wildlife, and taking hike after hike among the paths winding through the forest floor around you. Aspiring home chefs should take advantage of its wood-fired grill for cooking as well with roasted meats and veggies and reconnect with those caveman roots.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.

Mood? Cabin in the woods – without the creepiness.

Location perks? The perfect balance of nature and activity among the trees.

Budget range? A very affordable getaway in a stunning part of Labelle.

The log cabin in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Québec
Photograph: Airbnb

6. The log cabin in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Québec

4 hours from Montreal

For total relaxation, check out this fantastic log cabin in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, which is complete with its very own spa. Obviously, you have the option of staying there forever and never once stepping out of the cabin, but if you do fancy exploring, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing and snowmobiling all around you. It also hosts eight, so save this for a celebration. 

Rooms? Four. Sleeps eight guests.

Mood? Outdoor lover's paradise.

Location perks? Overlooking the edge of the forest and the ocean's horizon in the distance. Magic.

Budget range? A very economical option for a group of pals.

The mountain view cabin in Lac-Beauport, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

7. The mountain view cabin in Lac-Beauport, Québec

3 hours from Montreal

The drive might seem a bit long, but all northward trips from the city tend to reveal better and better landscapes. The view from this cabin is no joke with the rolling mountains of the province in below you. It gives that feeling of being on top of the world, something further cemented by the rejuvenation a stay here offers. The cabin's just as good for scenic lounging as it is for outdoor experiences; skip looking at your phone all weekend and hit the wealth of biking and hiking trails nearby.

Rooms? Two. Sleeps four guests.

Mood? Nature's finest.

Location perks? Think tall trees and untouched landscapes. It's as peaceful as it sounds.

Budget range? A well-priced getaway for a couple of couples.

The sugar shack cabin in Saint-Casimir, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

8. The sugar shack cabin in Saint-Casimir, Québec

2 hours from Montreal

One of the more unique cabin Airbnbs available near the city, this quaint wooden structure is surrounded by the maple farm of Larguer les Samares, an agro-tourism company that welcomes guests with bottles of syrup. If you aren't interested in its communal areas, the cabins themselves are isolated for trips with friends and significant others alike. If you want to go during prime sugaring season, book a stay just as winter is ending, from February onwards.

Rooms? One. Sleeps four guests.

Mood? Remote getaway.

Location perks? Live out your best farm life fantasy in the comfort of your own private barn – and forest.

Budget range? A well-priced and super unique experience.

The Mont-Tremblant treehouses in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

9. The Mont-Tremblant treehouses in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Québec

1.5 hours from Montreal

Located on the edge of Lac du Cordon, these all-season cabin treehouses are surrounded by 2,000 acres of protected lands and boast close proximity to 36km of walking and snowshoe trails, as well as four more lakes plus wetlands. Swim in the nearby water, plan picnics in the forest, go fishing, hang out around the fire pit; whatever you do, you'll be reconnecting with nature in no time, provided you don't spend too much time enjoying features like wi-fi and a decent cell signal (then again, that makes this an awesome work-from-home setting too).

Rooms? Two. Sleeps six guests.

Mood? Lakeside utopia.

Location perks? The lake, the 2000-acre regional park or the 36km of trails... Take your pick. It's epic.

Budget range? An extremely budget-friendly choice for what's on offer. Snap it up.

The spa cabins in Val-des-Monts, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

10. The spa cabins in Val-des-Monts, Québec

2 hours 45 minutes from Montreal

For anyone looking for a complete restorative experience during a 'cabin' stay, these forested spas from HOM mini cottages are perfect: Relaxing rides and swims in the lake get coupled with dips in the hot tubs these spots got (even better during snowfalls in the winter), enjoy the peace and quiet of the trees and wildlife around you, and bliss out. That's it, that's all. It's not great for those looking for a more rustic experience in the woods, but it's hard to argue with this level of luxury.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.

Mood? Rustic luxury at its best. 

Location perks? Think lake views meet endless forest and all the outdoor activities you could possibly think of. Job done.

Budget range? A surprisingly affordable stay for this level of luxury.

The glass-enclosed cabin in Plantagenet, Ontario
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

11. The glass-enclosed cabin in Plantagenet, Ontario

1.5 hours from Montreal

We're totally digging this glass-enclosed cabin situated on an escarpment that gives you the feeling of walking through treetops. Enjoy pulling up and backpacking 20 minutes into the forest to reach it, set yourself up and let the peace and quiet overcome you. Stays at this all-season spot give you just enough amenities like cooking equipment and a fireplace while still being bare bones enough to give that good ol' off-the-grid feeling cabins can excel at.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.

Mood? Futuristic glamping. 

Location perks? This cabin's home is super rural and just as charming. Need a little R&R? You got it.

Budget range? A cheap and cheerful getaway to a very remote retreat.

The tiny cabin in Mont-Tremblant, Québec
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

12. The tiny cabin in Mont-Tremblant, Québec

1 hour 45 minutes from Montreal

We're listing this spot for how well it fits into a weekend getaway format. Pull up and set up real easy, and what it lacks in space it makes up for in simplicity. The real point is to spend the majority of your time here by the fire pit or on its patio, walking the forest floor (all 10 acres of it around you!), and packing picnics for trips to the nearby sandy beach that run along a lake. Spend time outdoors when booking here, not indoors; that's why you're looking for woodsy escapes, isn't it?

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.

Mood? Tiny house of dreams.

Location perks? Tiny home meets giant forest for the win. Epic indeed.

Budget range? A super budget-friendly option for two.

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