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Paddington Halloween
Twitter: @jaythechou

An internet hero is Photoshopping Paddington Bear into a different movie every day

Paddington is fast becoming a horror icon

Written by
Andy Kryza

We’re still a long way out from Paddington 3, but that fluffy paragon of kindness and decency from darkest Peru is never far from our thoughts. Paddington eternal because he is in the hearts of all who let him in.

Similarly, he is in the feeds of all who tweet. He’s here to bring you daily joy if you just hit ‘follow.’ Some days, he’s romping in a meadow or scampering through a swamp. Others, he’s taking a stroll through the big city. Still others, he’s lurking behind a cloud of steam, staring blankly as an unsuspecting person in a hotel shower.

No, this is not the official Paddinton Twitter, which delightfully traffics in daily affirmations and niceties without the leering voyeurism and threat of violence. We’re talking about the Twitter account @jaythechou, run by a graphic artist who has sworn to Photoshop Paddington into a different movie every day ‘until I forget.’ 

So far, the artist has amassed more than 230 different expert-level Photoshops, drawing 108,000 followers to images of the peacoat-sporting bear dropped into the action of Shang-Chi and Black Widow, placed him alongside Shrek and Donkey and even had him ride shotgun (and likely take some PCP) with Denzel in Training Day

The account very directly recalls the Creepy Paddington memes of 2014, which inserted the bear into multiple horror films. We now know what those early internet pioneers did not prior to Paddington’s release – that Paddington is the purest cinematic encapsulation of general decency to ever grace screens – but @jaythechou’s work is still a treat, particularly now that he’s shifted focus to horror cinema for spooky season.

Among the macabre gems is Paddington’s new role in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, where he stares in abject terror at an invading alien and/or the utter intensity that comes with being loved by Tom Cruise.

Here the adorable scamp is at the finale of Frank Darabont’s The Mist, quite possibly the only moment in horror cinema so impossibly bleak that not even Paddington munching away on a marmalade sandwich would lessen the blow. 

Speaking of marmalade, it seems Paddington smartly packed his own lunch for his trip to the feast of the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth.

Like an immortal vampire, Paddington has been lurking in the shadows of cinematic history all along: Here he is skulking up the stair made famous by Nosferatu

Paddington has also found his way into the mall made famous in George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead, where he's Photoshopped into the action with a nuanced subtlety completely absent from Zack Snyder’s remake

 The bear has also spent time at Camp Crystal Lake: Here he is going for a swim at the climax of Friday the 13th.

He's also been picked up on found-footage cameras, lending a helping hand to the family from Paranormal Activity...

And comforting a friend in need in the lonely woods of Burkittsville, Maryland. 

Like all good horror icons, Paddington, having exhausted earthly realms to visit, has also found himself in space...

... been rebooted alongside Candyman

... and got a remake for American audiences, a la Samara from The Ring

And, of course, he’s always lurking in the bathroom, ready to pounce for a hug on some unsuspecting soul in the shower. 

@Jaythechou claims he will continue to post a Paddington Photoshop every day until he forgets. Never forget, Jay. The world needs you just like it needs kindness and politeness.

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