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Singaporean passport
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Calling all passport nerds: the 2022 power rankings are in

Singapore and Japan top the Henley Passport Index once again

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

What exactly does it mean to have a ‘powerful passport’? Well, in simple terms, it essentially means that your passport can get you pretty much wherever you want. A powerful passport is one that can get you to loads of countries – ideally without the need for a visa.

Every year, the Henley Passport Index ranks which little book of stamps can get you the furthest. The ranking uses data from the International Air Transport Association, ranking passports based on the number of countries they can be used to visit visa-free.

And top of the index this year are… Japan and Singapore. Surprise, surprise. Both countries have long been near the very top of the ranking, with their passports allowing citizens to visit a whopping 192 countries without requiring a visa.

The UK passport, meanwhile, is now able to visit 187 countries and comes in at number five – climbing up one place from last year. The USA comes in at six (186 countries) and Australia at seven (185).

Fascinatingly, the list often has a geopolitical tint. This year, for instance, Russia has fallen thanks to sanctions, travel bans and restrictions. Ukrainian passports, meanwhile, have climbed the table as countries have scrambled to provide safe haven for refugees. Ukraine ranks 34th in the list – a record high for the country – while Russia now sits at a lowly 49th. For ways to help the people of Ukraine right now, see our guide here

The weakest passport, once again, is Afghanistan. Afghan people can only visit 26 countries without the need for a visa. Iraqi and Syrian passports rank similarly low.

Here are the top rankings, with the number of visa-free countries each passport will get you into:

1. Japan, Singapore, 192

2. Germany, South Korea, 190

3. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, 189

4. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, 188

5. France, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom, 187

6. Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United States, 186

7. Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, 185

8. Hungary, 183

9. Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, 182

10. Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, 181

Read the full index here.

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