These European cities have the most beautiful homes, according to Pinterest

And a UK city ranks as the most aesthetic of them all

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The architecture of Europe offers an abundance of history and beauty. With everything from old grand mansions to brutalist buildings, there are some seriously stunning homes across the continent. 

The brutalist structures found on the streets of Berlin dramatically differ from the stacks of rustic apartments perched on the hills of Naples, or the compact rows of terraced houses overlooking the canals in Amsterdam

But which European cities have the most beautiful homes? Well, Alan Boswell Landlord Insurance has tried to answer that question, and they’ve utilised Pinterest to do so. By using the tag ‘[city]+home’, the company investigated how many pins and boards exist on the platform for each location, to determine a score out of 10 for aesthetics. 

According to their ranking, London has the most beautiful homes in Europe, with nearly 85,000 pins tagging the city. The full list of the most aesthetic cities in the UK can be found here

Paris, the City of Light, unsurprisingly ranks second, and boasts 30,585 pins and 363 boards. A centre of elegant Haussmannian architecture, Paris is known for its apartments with pretty balconies and mansard roofs, and it’s an exceptionally pinnable city. 

Berlin ranks third on the list, with an aesthetic score of 9.65 out of 10, thanks to nearly 30,000 pins. The tumultuous history of the city means an exceptionally eclectic architectural makeup has developed, and that’s reflected through the diversity of the city’s houses. 

Here are the top 10 European cities with the most beautiful homes, according to Pinterest. 

  1. London (9.87/10)
  2. Paris (9.66/10)
  3. Berlin (9.65/10)
  4. Amsterdam (9.47/10)
  5. Naples (9.34/10)
  6. Athens (9.13/10)
  7. Rome (9.12/10)
  8. Barcelona (8.91/10)
  9. Venice (8.8/10)
  10. Bristol (8.66/10)

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