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Meet the Undateables: Donna and Peter

By Dana Varinsky

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The date: Drinks at Swine (531 Hudson St, 212-255-7675)

First impression
Donna: “He was tall, which was nice, a little nerdy-looking and a bit lanky. He was wearing jeans and Converse, which is fine, but it’s not like we were going to a dive bar.”
Peter: “I got there maybe 10 seconds before her. She was dressed smartly: nice blazer. She had a nicely shaped face—generally a cute girl, but no detail really stood out.” 

Donna: “There was a lot of generic getting-to-know-you stuff, nothing significant. He likes comic books, and I have no interest in that. It just didn’t feel like there was anything there.”
Peter: “The conversation stopped and started; we would talk freely and then hit a dead wall when nothing more could be said. Then there would be silence for a minute.”

Donna: “He made me split the bill, and that’s sort of a hot-button thing with me. We rode the train together for a few stops. There was a handshake, and that was it.”
Peter: “I think the servers got the gist, so we got the check, and it seemed pretty done. 
I just sort of said goodbye, that it was nice meeting her. No phone number.” 

Awkward moment
Donna: “There was a weird coincidence: One of my friends was in the restaurant for his boyfriend’s birthday. They sent us a shot. It was a really weird situation.”
Peter: “We talked about Halloween. She doesn’t like it at all, which surprised me. I like scary things, like horror movies. I’ve never met anybody who’s just like, ‘Nope.’”

In three words
Donna: Peter is "tall, nice and a little nerdy."
Peter: Donna is "sensible, chill and a food-lover.”

Donna: “It wasn’t terrible or miserable, but it wasn’t worth doing again. I think he was a little immature. 
I tend to go for older guys.”
Peter: “We just seemed to not click. If we were at a party, we would have drifted apart pretty immediately and not looked for each other again.”


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