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DJ mix: Wepa!'s Antonio Ocasio

Beautifully deep, Afro-Latin--tinged house beats from the master.

Antonio Ocasio

Why run another Wepa!--related mix? Well, for one thing, the party—hosted by Joann Jimenez—remains one of the most fun and least pretentious fiestas out there, with the catchphrase "Welcome to El Barrio" signaling what you get at the intimate Bar 13 on the last Friday of every month: Folks playing dominos, a guy rolling cigars (you can smoke 'em on the roof deck), and dudes slapping out syncopated rhythms on the congas. But mostly, it's because resident Antonio Ocasio, who also runs the Tribal Winds label, is simply a fantastic DJ, merging Afro-Latin flavor to soulful house grooves and gorgeous melodies. Enjoy!

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The next !Wepa! is Friday, December 30th at Bar 13.

Antonio Ocasio's Wepa! mix: August 14, 2011 by TimeOutNewYork