Meet the Undateables: Graham and Kevin

These lovelorn New Yorkers swear they’re absolutely undateable. We pair them up to see if they’re right.

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The date: Dinner at Mira Sushi & Izakaya

First impression
Kevin: "We shook hands when we met. I think he thought I was attractive from the way he reacted when he found me—he opened his eyes approvingly."
Graham: "Kevin’s body language made him seem a little nervous. I get a lot of shit from my friends for being picky, and I don’t know how true that is, but I wasn’t feeling it."

The conversation
Kevin: "Graham was entertaining; he pretty much led the conversation. My dates vary, but if the person wants to talk about himself, I let him. I didn't feel cut off or stifled, though. It was comforting—there weren't awkward phases."
Graham: "It seemed like he didn't necessarily know what to do—I would bring up the best subject and we would talk about that. He didn't ask a ton of questions. Maybe I dominated the conversation a little bit. There was some awkwardness there."

Kevin: "He’s worked in L.A., Chicago, NYC…and then he talked about the next place he was going to live! It feels like he’s searching for something he hasn’t found yet."
Graham: "He seems open to trying new things; he recently started a boot camp workout, which is good, not that I'm a mega-athlete or anything."

Kevin: "He asked me for my number and I texted him when I was almost home."
Graham: "There were kind of some flirty moments, like a hug goodbye in the subway, but it was more about getting to know each other."

In three words
Kevin: Graham is "sweet, charming and fun."
Graham: Kevin is "honest, polite and curious."

Kevin: "I’m putting him in the friend category for now. He’s just not what I normally go for—my type is a little more serious."
Graham: "I think he was interested in going out on another date, but to be honest, I’m not sure it’s in the cards. It wasn’t a love connection."

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