Obscura Society NYC Presents the Lock Picking Party

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Obscura Society NYC Presents the Lock Picking Party
Illustration: Kyle Fewell Obscura Society Presents the Lock Picking Party
In the age of Anonymous, Snowden and doxing, the art of lock picking is charmingly analog. It requires patience, practice and smarts—every lock is a unique puzzle to be solved. Former competitive picker Schuyler Towne dispenses the tricks (and picks) of the trade at this party hosted by Obscura Society NYC. The glam affair takes place in the Beaux Arts building of the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, home to the world’s largest collection of antique bank-vault locks. “As fun as lock picking is, to me, the locks themselves are the most beautiful part,” says Towne. “These two inches of brass hold up how we’ve all learned to live together in an ever-smaller world.” Guests are encouraged to throw on their best vintage wear for the occasion, which boasts an open cocktail bar, the Jazz Age sounds of Jason Prover and the Sneak Thievery Orchestra, and a seriously cool party favor: your very own lock-picking kit.


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