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  1. Rayon Richards
    Rayon Richards

    Finance executive Huxley Somerville, 54, purchased his 425-square-foot Upper West Side duplex in 1994 but did a full renovation of the microloft in 2010. “Everything has changed,” he says of his one-bedroom pied-à-terre, which he uses when away from his home in Westchester.  

  2. Rayon Richards
    Rayon Richards

    “I showed [the architects] what I liked—dark wood, white, minimalism—and this is what they came up with,” says Somerville. The entire project took eight months.

  3. Rayon Richards
    Rayon Richards

    Though several upgrades were deemed necessary, Somerville decide to revamp the entire apartment. "I could have done a basic cosmetic job, or I could have done something like this," he says.

  4. Rayon Richards
    Rayon Richards

    "The kitchen used to be in the bathroom, and what's now the kitchen was the dining area," Somerville says. Major appliances—including the refrigerator, freezer and convection oven—are completely concealed. 

  5. Rayon Richards
    Rayon Richards

    “One of the problems was that the bedroom was too small,” Somerville says. To enlarge it, Specht Harpman Architects built a bed platform over the living room. Stairs next to the bed lead to a rooftop terrace.

  6. Rayon Richards
    Rayon Richards

    Somerville's renovations included moving the bathroom downstairs and eliminating a dining area. Discreet storage cabinets are embedded under the microloft’s two staircases for extra storage.

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