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The 25 roommates you’ll meet in NYC apartments

Looking for a new roommate? These are some of the people you might end up moving in with.

1. The one who walks in on you masturbating and doesn’t know where to look

2. The girl who asks you what you think of her date outfit, and who you don’t know well enough to give an honest answer to, leading to this face:

3. The one who agrees with you that your current living situation is “just short-term”

4. The guy who asks incredibly personal questions despite the fact you’ve only known each other for 38 seconds

5. The one who moves their bedbugs in with them

6. The one who’s just waiting for their “big break” in New York…and has been for the last 15 years

7. The one who’s a little vague on how they actually intend to make the rent

8. The one who breaks things and pretends it wasn’t them

9. The one that knocks on your door at 3am after having “a little accident in the kitchen”

10. The one who ends up being kinda…distracting

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Jen P
Jen P

Roommate nightmares

Cristina P
Cristina P

Aurora this is for you!!! Hahahhahhahahahh!!!