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The ultimate guide to Niagara Falls, NY


The best of Niagara Falls, NY

The 11 best things to do in Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls is a quintessential American vacation haven. While the Canadian side of Niagara Falls tends to hog the spotlight, don’t let anyone convince you this Western New York destination doesn’t have plenty to offer. Home to America’s oldest state park, fascinating War of 1812 sites, a unique wine region, powerful whirlpools, actually good restaurants and, of course, the legendary Niagara Falls, the city presents the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and unique historic locales, sure to make any traveler swoon. With Buffalo just 30 minutes up the highway and a small international airport located right in Niagara Falls, arriving to the city is a breeze. Here, we assemble a list of the very best things to do in Niagara Falls—not only covering the tourist hotspots (which, after all, are hotspots for a reason) but also shining light on some local favorites. Pack your bags, friends: it’s time to check off Niagara Falls from that bucket list.

The 12 best restaurants in Niagara Falls, NY

Looking to view the thundering falls – a true natural wonder – but skip the kitschy tourist spots and packed casinos on the Canadian side? Opt instead to experience the charm of the small New York city when visiting the US-side of Niagara Falls.   Here, you can still admire the famous waterfalls, albeit in a more protected environment, while enjoying a laid-back vibe and the plentiful things to do in the area. Niagara Falls may not be at the top of anyone’s list of foodie destinations, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get a slap-up meal here. Plus, the eateries around town have an ace up their sleeve: jaw-dropping views of the Falls. Start teasing those taste buds now with our round-up of the best restaurants in Niagara Falls.