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What to do in Paris this week

Explore Paris like a native with the best music, shopping, restaurants, bars and other things to do, July 25-31 2016

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Want to know what’s hot, happening or simply essential viewing in one of the world’s greatest cities? Our local critics’ guide to what to do in Paris each week selects the best in arts and culture, music and nightlife, restaurants, shopping and more, giving you the keys to the most inspiring experiences that Paris has to offer.

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Want to know what to do in Paris this week? Read on

Restaurants ● Mersea

Stylistically a bit Ikea, while also conveying the relaxedness of a Breton beachside bar, cosy blue-and-yellow restaurant Mersea serves an upgraded take on the classic British dish to diners on the restaurant-packed Rue du Faubourg Montmartre. Its fish and chips menu is simple: breaded fish, a side of freshly cut chips and a sauce of their choosing (tartare, spiced yoghurt or rouille, a piquant provençal mayonnaise)...

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9th arrondissement

Art ● FOXP2- Marguerite Humeau

It’s an impressive feat for an artist to have their own exhibit at the age of 30, but it’s thoroughly well deserved for French artist Marguerite Humeau, whose work is currently on display at the Palais de Tokyo. Half rooted in mythology, half in fantasy, the pieces exposed here powerfully stimulate the senses and evoke a pretty inspiring (if sometimes baffling) dream-like universe...

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Palais de Tokyo : Site de Création Contemporaine , Champs Élysées and western Paris Until Sunday September 11 2016

Shopping ● Le Marché noir

Decorated with large green plants and fabric-covered chandeliers, vintage clothes store Le Marché Noir on the historic Rue Perrée is very cleverly and chicly designed. The boutique sells a wide range of vintage items, as well as hand made pieces from small African producers, including fabric from the Kenyan Maasaï tribe or printed clothing made from bogolan (a Malian fabric). Handily, the shop offers a clothes repair service, as well as a tearoom...

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3rd arrondissement

Bars ● Le Jeune

Rather than stomach the queues for the packed-out hip-hop nights at Wanderlust or the Bellevilloise, relaxed bar Le Jeune may well be preferable. While drinks don’t drift far from your typical international cocktail fare (€10 a pop), the DJ line-ups are some of the best going if hip-hop’s your thing (recent highlights from the programme include Stéphane Ashpool, R-Ash, Teki Latex and even A$AP Mob’s J. Scott)...

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10th arrondissement

Things to do ● L’Été du Canal 2016

For a good ten years now, Paris Plages and the Été du Canal have brought all manner of beach-themed activities and parties to the city’s two monumental liquid axes, and 2016 is no different. As well as involving a whole lot of displaced sand, the Été initiative – essentially a trendier version of Paris Plages, with a younger demographic – will this year take in a vast array of family-friendly cultural activities and sports events, ranging from cutting-edge DJ sets to mini €2 cruises...

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By: Huw Oliver

Shopping ● 29 février

If you’ve ever gazed longingly at the haute couture catwalks, dreaming of a tailored piece of your own, then 29 Février – referencing perhaps the most mystical date in the annual calendar – is definitely worth a look-in. This concept store offers bespoke pieces of all types, allowing customers to put together whole outfits in one place...

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17th arrondissement

Restaurants ● Hakata Choten

The small red-and-black dining room of this Japanese restaurant is warm, inviting, and filled with the sumptuous smells of tonkotsu ramen. We especially like the ‘simple’ version that comes with a soft-boiled egg, and the ‘supreme’, which packs various different bold flavours like barbecued pork, grilled garlic and a soft-boiled egg into one bowl...

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