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What to do in Paris this week

Explore Paris like a native with the best music, shopping, restaurants, bars and other things to do this week, December 5 - 11 2016.

© Tommie Hansen

Want to know what’s hot, happening or simply essential viewing in one of the world’s greatest cities? Our local critics’ guide to what to do in Paris each week selects the best in arts and culture, music and nightlife, restaurants, shopping and more, giving you the keys to the most inspiring experiences that Paris has to offer.

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Want to know what to do in Paris this week? Read on

Restaurant ● Flesh II

With its pine-green frontage, bountiful foliage and an aquarium on the bar, it’s clear that Flesh II puts as much love into its food as its decor. Our plates come generously served with mouth-watering meats: strips of smoked pork and the Hereford Tri Tip (a slab of steak with parsley), which goes dreamily with the garlic fries, chorizo and cauliflower salad and aubergine with goat’s cheese, dates, bacon and pomegranate seeds. Lunchtime remains reasonably priced: €14.50 for meat, side and a drink – or you can supersize if you haven’t eaten for several days...

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10th arrondissement

Art ● Frédéric Bazille, la jeunesse de l'impressionnisme

In his short, seven-year career, Frederic Bazille produced some remarkable work. Not outright masterpieces perhaps, but paintings which have been unfairly forgotten despite them being a key component in the creation of modern impressionism. The young painter’s style is marked by unfiltered emotion, palpable from the beginning of the the exhibition. An avant-garde imperfection pervades his work, giving us a sense of the young prodigy’s inexperienced daring, self-assured nonchalance, and underlying vanity...

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Musée d'Orsay , 7th arrondissement Until Sunday March 5 2017

Nightlife ● Minuit

From the team behind Showcase and Faust, comes Minuit, a five-minute walk from bar-heavy rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. Which is convenient because this watering hole/club is open until the early hours on Tuesday to Thursday, making it the ideal place to end a night with more cocktails and a whirl on their mini-dancefloor. Head through the restaurant downstairs to find a low-ceilinged living room bar with armchairs, tables and walls stacked with books and knick-knacks. There’s classic cocktails starting at €8 and pints for €7, plus tapas plates if you’re peckish – and a second bar in the more lively adjoining room...

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Restaurant ● So Nat

Sometimes, when your last three dinners have been rillettes and red wine, a an organic guilt-free address is just the trick. So Nat has all of that and more. On the menu are large or small Buddha Bowls, which come with soup, pitta bread and a dessert. The Boléro bowl is a mélange of lemon yoghurt dressing, confit tomatoes, feta, cauliflower tabbouleh, cucumber tartare, spinach with nuts, fennel and lentils – all of which is perfectly seasoned. The pumpkin and mushroom soup is just as good, as is the chocolate and nut cookie – gooey and just the right side of salty...

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9th arrondissement

Bar ● La Commune


Slap bang in the heart of Belleville, La Commune is already bursting with punters clamouring for a taste of their amber rum. The famed team behind Le Syndicat have kept to their winning formula: a clandestine shopfront and a hip-hop soundtrack. Good-looking waiters wearing wildly-patterned trousers bustle around the jungle-like terrace, filled with plants and cosy armchairs. It’s a slight caricature of the ‘bush’ vibe but we get it: goodbye to the Paris drizzle and aloha liquid sun. For about €11 per person, you get your share of a giant silver punch bowl...

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20th arrondissement

Art ● L'Esprit du Bauhaus

Committed to recreating the ‘spirit’ of the Bauhaus era, new exhibition ‘L’Esprit du Bauhaus’ at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs explores the creativity and multidisciplinary nature of the movement. Dense and immersive, the exhibit takes us from studio to studio as we discover the work of the Bauhaus’ students and the immense range of their chosen materials. Textiles, glass, metal, painting, porcelain, wood – the list is expansive, giving us an idea as to the distinct creativity at the heart of the German art school. On the wall anonymous works rub shoulders with the work of Bauhaus professor Vassily Kandinsky, demonstrating an equality between the school’s artists...

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Musée des Arts Décoratifs , 1st arrondissement Until Sunday February 26 2017

Art ● Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly paints big, deconstructed flowers dripping with fiery colours like huge bouquets of blood and sun on white canvas. Be drawn into the reds, yellows and myriad crumpled petals. In some, like ‘Blooming’, the intention is clearly floral. In others, these colourful balls represent time, love, murder and – according to the artist – a contemporary retelling of ancient tales. The US-born Cy Twombly (1928-2011) lived in Rome from 1960 and the Pompidou Centre’s retrospective sets out to delineate a before and after of this date. ‘Before’ the painter’s works are dominated by whites and scattered with black graffiti...

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The Centre Pompidou , 4th arrondissement Until Monday April 24 2017
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