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Best 23 best places for brunch in Porto

Who doesn’t love brunch? Mix it up at one of these top spots, from pancake stacks to avo toast


Porto does traditional food really well, but it’s not afraid to embrace the new. That's right, we also excel in the art of making eggs, pancakes, toasties and coffee drinks – and we take it very, very seriously.

Brunch here is like no where else, often served with over 10 different components, from scrambled eggs to yoghurt pots, fresh pastries to smoked salmon. Whatever you're in the mood for, visit one of our picks of the best brunches in Porto (and make sure you order a mimosa). 

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This guide was written by the editorial team at Time Out Porto. At Time Out, all of our travel guides are written by local writers who know their cities inside out. For more about how we curate, see our editorial guidelines. 

Best breakfast and brunch in Porto

1. Royale Pão Paixão

Through the gleaming display cases of the latest natural fermentation bakery in Boavista, you'll find a daily assortment of water bread, mixed bread, wheat bread, baguettes, and seed bread. In addition to its weekday lunches, Royale Pão Paixão serves up comforting dishes with plenty of veggie options, and  Saturdays are all about brunch. Here you'll find shakshuka, bowls of granola with Greek yogurt, avocado toast with smoked bacon, eggs Benedict, pancakes with a variety of toppings, banana bread with honey and peanuts, croissants with mushrooms and a fried egg, and French toasts with plum compote – we could go on. For beverages, get delicious coffee or go hard with a Bellini or mimosa. There's also set menus; €10 for granola, pancakes and a cappuccino, and €15 for eggs Benedict, French toast, orange juice and coffee.

2. Eleven Lab

Eleven Lab, which opened its first location in Foz in 2018 by the river, has decided to bring its brunch offerings to downtown. It now occupies a part of the mezzanine (with a terrace and outdoor seating) at LOT – Labels of Tomorrow, the new store by The Feeting Room, brimming with independent brands and housed in a beautiful old building on José Falcão Street. We recommend the English Breakfast, which includes cereal, bread, pancakes, butter and jam, bacon, avocado, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, acai with granola and fruits (€12.50). You heard us! It's a beast. 


3. Alto

Alto opened in January 2023 on Cedofeita Street, and immediately became a place dedicated to serving brunch the way it should be: delicious and with careful presentation. The menu is inspired by countries all over the world, and you'll find shakshuka, shrimp and roasted tomato omelettes drenched in Singapore Chilli Sauce, avocado toast, and the draniki benedict (potato pancakes served with house-cured salmon, eggs and hollandaise sauce). Trust us, this is a banger. 

4. Say Cheesecake & Co.

Behind door number 21 on Almada Street, you'll find cult-favourite Saycheesecake, where delectable cheesecakes are baked New York style, with eight different flavours to pick from daily (think salted caramel, pistachio and baba de camelo, a Portuguese sweet). On Saturdays and Sundays, it rolls out brunch with all the trimmings for €15, from poached eggs to pancakes. Yes, there are mimosas. 


5. Kofi Club - Bakery & Brunch

No matter your mood, Kofi Club – Bakery & Brunch, the new spot in Foco, has what you need. It has a bakery at the entrance for the neighborhood's morning needs, where people eagerly line up for fresh bread, but the brunch is where it's at. Here you'll find acai bowls, overnight oats, house-cured gravlax salmon salads, tuna poké bowls and veggie burgers, to name just a few, as well as all the brunchy classics. 

6. Monarca

Housed in the restored Princes' Palace at the intersection of Cedofeita and Miguel Bombarda Street, Monarca offers up brunch classics with excellent signature cocktails. They take eggs benedict seriously here, with both bacon and salmon versions and a veggie one with avocado and mushrooms. But even more serious is the house special Monarca on rye, with shredded pork belly, poached eggs, rocket, hollandaise sauce, chives, Parmesan and chili. There's plenty more on offer, but the bennies are the highlights. 


7. Wilson Café

Life is too short to avoid sugar, we reckon. And so does Wilson Café, where milkshakes come with cookies and donuts, cakes have a minimum of three layers, and pancakes are ridiculously indulgent. The menu, inspired by American brunch, is served all day long. You can start with scrambled egg and tomato toasts (€5), move on to sweet pancakes (€5-€7) or savory ones (€8), savour some mac & cheese (€9), or go for the double burgers (€9-€11) – not forgetting the extra-large slices of cake (€4). There's also sangria, if you're feeling really crazy. 

8. KUG Flores

After the success of KUG's first branch, it now has a space in the heart of the city, right on Rua das Flores. On the ground floor, there's a street-side terrace, a wine shop, a cocktail bar and an inner courtyard to explore, and if you venture up to the 4th floor, you'll find a dining room that can accommodate 55 people, with an urban garden and a lookout with unobstructed views. As for brunch, there are two options, both priced at €29. The Flores brunch includes a croissant, jam, butter, fresh cheese, salpicão (a type of sausage), oysters, raspberry, Florentine eggs with pine nuts, and matcha and coconut pancakes. And there's a mean-sounding vegan version. 


9. Lea Food & Drink

Lea is a little oasis on Avenida da Boavista, which was formerly a family home, and is now a family-friendly brunch spot with plenty of room kids (and pets). The café features two dining rooms, an indoor terrace and a play kitchen in the garden to keep the little ones entertained. The menu (pancakes, scones, eggs, salads and sandwiches) but also tuna ceviche with coconut milk (€7.50), chunks of yam and sweet potato fries with smoked paprika mayo (€4) and a sun-dried tomato and onion tarte tatin with feta cheese (€7.50).

10. Swallow Decadent Brunch

At this lovely spot, you can expect a menu inspired by a classic American brunch, with pancakes, fried chicken, eggs, French toast, brownies and more. Swallow also serves up speciality coffee, fresh juice, smoothies and cocktails to start your day off right.

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Do Norte Café & Terrace is one of the city’s newest spots. The decor is rustic, featuring some handcrafted objects and some antiques. They offer two brunch menus. The Traditional includes scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled sausage, caramelised mushrooms with red cabbage, grilled tomatoes, toast with butter and jam, yoghurt with fruit and a latte, tea or orange juice. In the Do Norte alternative, bacon and sausage are replaced by avocado, salmon and spinach.
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When it comes to brunch, Zenith know the tricks of the trade. There are no fixed menus, but there is a wide array of options, such as: banana bread with blueberry jam; chicken tapioca with cheddar and avocado; Zenith’s poached and breaded eggs with hollandaise sauce; and vegan shakshuka with bell peppers and tomato, tofu, mushrooms and spinach. There are also various coffee drinks available, like the caramel latte or even the Zenith sangria (why not) with sparkling wine, strawberry and mango.

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On Sundays, Maus Hábitos’ restaurant turns into a brunch mecca, offering three different menus: the mini-brunch, the brunch for one and the brunch for two (to share). Eggs – scrambled or fried – and bacon, green salad, pancakes with lemon curd and house ricotta, and bottomless filter coffee and lemonade integrate all three. You can also try other specialties like the quesadillas, homemade granola with yoghurt and berries or the dark chocolate mousse. You can choose to order à la carte.

14. Floresta Café

This is the new home of the couple Mariia Kulagina and Alexey Mikhaylov, who also own Do Norte and Hungry Biker. Inspired by nature, this new café was constructed using natural and recycled materials, and it promises to be a great choice for brunch, lunch, coffee, a glass of wine, or a cocktail, whether you sit indoors or on the terrace. Floresta offers up homemade waffles with bacon, eggs and francesinha sauce (€9.90), golden slices of croissant brioche with pistachio cream (€7.90) and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast (€9.90). Everything is delicious.

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This restaurant in Vila Nova de Gaia offers a brunch menu free of animal-derived products. Rustic bread with jam and non-dairy butter, a muffin, vegan cheese, acai with homemade granola and fruit, orange juice, filter coffee and a cappuccino with non-dairy milk are some of what’s included. The other two menu options let you try other treats like velhotes da Braguesa, a type of traditional sweet bread from Gaia, made with eggs and sugar. Just delicious.

16. Negra Café Matosinhos

The beauty of brunch is its lack of rules. You can have brunch whenever you like, really, and that means you can head to Negra Café Matosinhos any time of day. While it doesn't have a set brunch, there's a diverse menu on offer, from healthy smoothie bowls (€6.50) to poached eggs in tomato (€8.50), and lots and lots of cake.


17. Nicolau Porto

One of Lisbon's most famous cafes has arrived in Porto. And my, has it kicked up a fuss. Indulge in salmon poke bowls (€10), beetroot hummus toast (€5), cheese, ham and tomato tapioca (€5.50) or shakshuka (€7). Or if you're terrible at making decisions, simply order the set brunch menu (€15), which includes orange juice, scrambled eggs with bacon or mushrooms, a pancake, yogurt or overnight oats, and coffee. Perfection. 

18. Mafalda's

Amidst the fruit, meat and fish stalls in the area, you'll find this little café and restaurant that will make your dreams come true on a Saturday. Mafalda's offers an à la carte brunch and a set menu, and you'll find shakshuka, roasted pepper hummus on toast, scones with homemade jam, apple strudels, and a vegan lime tart. The space is small, so definitely make a reservation. 

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Two simple pancakes (with butter and honey, that is), a cold and a hot drink are common to all four brunch menus available at O Diplomata, a pancake haven – the fluffiest around. You can opt for a menu that includes beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and bacon, or one comprising scrambled eggs, bacon and an acai bowl. For an extra 1.50€ you get a smoothie, a mimosa or a two-fruit juice. And if you want to take it to the next pancake level, top yours with fruit, ice-cream and chocolate (extra charge).

20. Rosa et Al Townhouse

If there were a contest to choose the best brunch in the city, Rosa Et Al would win several awards, including the most photogenic, and the most unique. Check out the eggs florentine with spinach and cucumber-mint sauce, the croque monsieur with Dutch cheese and Ponte de Lima bacon, and the barley porridge with 70% chocolate, black plums and crème fraîche. Brunch is served every day from 9am to 4pm, and if you want to snack on more delicious things, you can visit Early, owned by the same folks, on Rua dos Bragas.


21. Apartamento Café

Since good things come in threes, at Apartamento, you have the opportunity to choose from three brunch menus, available every day of the week. The first one costs €7.50 and includes two toast slices with eggs, a croissant with jam, lemonade, and a coffee. If you're in the mood for a sweet crepe, go for the second option, priced at €9.50, which adds a salad and fresh orange juice. And if you want the whole shebang, as they say, then the third menu (€12.50) is your best choice. It consists of a crepe with eggs, ham, and cheese, six pancakes (quite a stack), and a cappuccino to accompany your meal.

22. Camélia Brunch Garden

This place is in Foz and, as its name suggests, pays tribute to Porto's flower. The menu is filled with delicious options to devour; the brunch menu costs €12.50 and includes the juice of the day, eggs Benedict, a Nutella or peanut butter pancake and coffee or tea. Or you can go à la carte; there's guacamole with nachos (€4.50), a chicken bowl (€5), seafood tapioca (€6.50), and much more. The beautiful river view is merely a bonus. 


23. Nola Kitchen

At Nola Kitchen, brunch is described as ‘breakfast without a clock.’ This means you can order it between 9am and 6pm every day, except on Wednesdays, which is their weekly day off. In this healthy spot, where glass straws are used, organic fabrics are featured and you can indulge without feeling guilty, there are four menu options to choose from. With the Late Brunch (€17.50), you get a juice, a toast, an energy ball, and a coffee, but there are other choices available, like the vegan and gluten-free brunch.

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