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15 things to buy, see, and do in San Francisco that cost less than $10

By Time Out San Francisco editors

Everyone knows San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And sometimes it can feel like you need to be a millionaire just to survive in the City by the Bay. But the truth is, there is a ton of great stuff to do, see, and buy in San Francisco, and all for the change you can find in your couch cushions. Some of the best things in life might be free, but some of the pretty great things in San Francisco cost less than ten bucks. 

1. A heavenly visit to the Japanese Tea Garden costs $6 for SF residents. 

2. Buy a giant bag of fortune cookies for $4 at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. ($1 extra for the X-rated ones.)

3. Every $2 Muni regular should hop a $7 cable car at least once. 

4. Classic matinees at the breathtaking Castro Theatre run a mere $9. 

5. A tour of the Boudin Bakery sourdough bread palace is $5 and a loaf of fresh bread is less than that. 

6. If you use your Clipper card, a surprisingly fabulous ferry ride to Sausalito is only $6.25 (but if you want to get back to SF, it'll be another $6.25).

7. Ike's massive "Going Home for Thanksgiving" sandwich is $8.98. 

8. Good Luck Dim Sum is a San Francisco secret favorite. Three pieces of delish dim sum cost (wait for it) $2. 

9. Fork over a mere $10 for an evening yoga class atop the labyrinth inside stunning Grace Cathedral

10. Tours of Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum are free!

11. Admission to the Conservatory of Flowers is $6 for SF residents and worth it for the Venus Flytraps alone. 

12. Two scoops of Humphy Slocombe ice cream run $6.50. If you order their famous "Secret Breakfast," that'll include alcohol. 

13. Classic kung fu and tai chi shoes all run around $7 or $8 in Chinatown's most popular storefronts along Grant Avenue. You'll spot them on some of SF's chic-est hipsters. 

14. Burritos. Burritos. Burritos. San Francisco makes the country's best burritos and they're all under $8. 

15. Take the elevator to the top of Coit Tower for $6 if you live here (and $8 if you don't). The views from this local icon, however, are priceless. 

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