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Eight Tables is the only Bay Area spot to make TIME's list of World's Greatest Places 2018

Written by
Matt Charnock

While we'd argue that the Bay Area is full of destination-worthy attractions (and restaurants), TIME's recently released World's Greatest Places 2018 list included just one surprising (though incredibly worthy) spot. Among more obvious choices such as Kenya's Giraffe Manor and Mariposa Grove in Yosemite, Eight Tables at China Live was the only Bay Area addition to the list. 

Eight Tables was selected for its impeccable 10-course sifang cai tasting menu, an eating experience popular during the Qing dynasty. The meal, which starts at $225 per person, is reminiscent of the elite Chinese dinner parties of the time, which were often catered by private chefs and attended by notable friends in royal homes. The meal starts with no less than nine, beautifully presented amuse bouche that represent the essential flavors of Chinese cuisine—"sweet" is presented in the form of stuffed dates with chrysanthemum honey while "spicy" is represented by beef tendons with Sichuan peppercorns. 

Back in December 2017, Time Out reviewed Eight Tables, saying "Each Chinese- and Taiwanese-inspired course is delicious and artful. Honestly, there is nothing else like it in the country" and named it one of our 12 restaurants to try in 2018. We're just glad the rest of the country is finally catching on. 

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