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Best restaurants around Seoul museums for a beautiful day out

Fill your senses with art and delight your palate at these spots!


Around many of Seoul's prominent museums, a cluster of restaurants, cafés and bars is adding unique vibes to each of the neighborhoods, while the surrounding areas also offer something different from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a stroll through some elegant or thought-provoking artworks, and grab a drink or a bite to eat at a nearby place  we can say with confidence that it'll be a simply beautiful day.

1. Jeongdong-gil: Around Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)
  • Restaurants
Deoksugung Palace, the 120-year-old Chundong Church, and Chungdong Theatre — a walk through the surrounding neighborhood of Deoksugung, and you will get the sense of history present in the area. Seoul Museum of Art is, of course, a landmark if its own. Built in 1928 as the Supreme Court, it was reconstructed in 1995, saving its 3 arched façade (which now serve as the symbol of SeMA). It was in fact not until 2006 that the building was reinstated as an art museum. The surrounding gardens have also been annexed as they display beautiful works of sculpture all year round.
2. Dokseodang-ro: Around D Museum
  • Restaurants
Dokseodang-ro, laid out from Hannam Station, through Hannam Ogeori, Oksu and Geumho-dong towards Eungbong Samgeori — it’s an area you will hear of more and more often. Although it’s traditionally a residential area with a dozen embassies, there have been interesting shops, bars and restaurants popping up here in the recent years, with D Museum and D Project Space attracting artistic and trend-savvy crowds to the quiet road.
3. Saemunan-ro: Around Sungkok Art Museum
  • Restaurants
Walking the compound gardens with a cup of coffee in hand, a bench somewhere in the greenery may invite you for a short shit-down. During the warmer seasons, the area is bustling with both young and old crowds, while retaining its calm and relaxing atmosphere at the same time. Discover what this quaint neighborhood can offer — its cafés and restaurants are ones that deserve more attention than they have.
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