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24 Hours in Itaewon

Looking to spend a day in Itaewon? Here's how to do it best.

Jeon Han

From having some of the city's best foreign food to marveling at the Mosque, there's a whole world inside Itaewon. 

Eat, drink and be merry


Check out a museum

Project Space by Daelim Museum

Project Space is a experimental exhibition space supported and run by Daelim Museum, but the name is not completely misleading as the gallery used to be an actual billliard room.

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Dance the night away


This is probably the trendiest club in Itaewon right now. It's not that spacious, but it feels like a foreign club. 

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"Wait, what do you mean the food?" Cakeshop has given birth to a chill younger brother with great taste in music and it cooks too.    

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Moloko Plus

Inspired by the famous Stanley Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange, this place recreates the milk bar scene where Alex and his “droogs” (a nickname he calls his group of friends) go. 

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Gray Club

Think gay clubs are dusky, decadent and dungeon-like? Gray Club, which reopened recently, will show you how it’s done.

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Unlike most Korean clubs that are housed underground, Club Faust is located on the third floor, above an unmarked transgender bar on the second. 

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Explore the lesser known parts of town

Usandan-ro Muslim city

Officially opened in 1976, the Seoul Central Masjid remains the only mosque in the city. In its splendid myriad of blue and white ceramic tiles, the mosque has become the center of the Usandan-ro area and attends to the several onlookers curious about its architecture and culture. 

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By: Hahna Yoon