Euro inspired places found in Seoul

Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Barcelona, a glimpse into these travel destinations waiting around the corner.
By Time Out Seoul editors |

Struck by a bit of wanderlust? Same here. While we so often wish we could drop everything and leave for a week, it wouldn’t hurt for us to have some places within our reach that we can retreat to. From Berlin to Copenhagen, Paris and Barcelona. Check out our list of temporary solutions within Seoul.

Things to do

Copenhagen, full of design and inspiration

Copenhagen. Perhaps, you haven't heard much of it in Seoul. If you look closer, though, there’s so much more you can find that’ll offer you this celebrated city’s secrets to its quality of life. And don’t forget the Denmark: Design exhibition which will provide you an inspiration for simplicity, timelessness and functionality in design.

Things to do

Berlin, a mix of cool and cutting-edge

Exploratory, freaky yet practical. Berlin is known to be accommodating and inspiring artists from around the world. You can experience a bit of its diversity in Seoul’s restaurants, cafés and clubs.

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