Halloween in Seoul 2016

This city can be as festive as you want it to be for celebrating this year's spooky holiday. Have the best Halloween Seoul can offer!

Halloween in Seoul has become less and less of a "foreign" thing. With parties, parades and haunted houses to get lost in, this city can be as festive as you want it to be for celebrating this year's spooky holiday. Check out our list to have the best Halloween Seoul can offer!

Party hard this Halloween!

Decisions, decisions. There will be music, dance, drag performances, zombies running around streets as well as costumed dogs. But who says we've got to choose only one? 

By: Chuljunsung

Everyday's Halloween here

Red and blue colored IV injection, finger shaped cookies and zombie shots poured by actually creepy looking zombies. They're available all year round at these places, and of course on this year's Halloween!

By: Hye Won Kim

Where to get Halloween treats for adults

Who says Halloween can't be sweet? This year's creepy and adorable Halloween desserts include skeleton cakes and Dracula cookies. Cute or creepy, we think you definitely deserve one!

By: Hye Won Kim