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What to do on Lunar New Year in Seoul

It's the year of the monkey, so we gotta start monkeying around right?

Written by
Hahna Yoon

When in Asia, you gotta include the Lunar New Year into your plans. Of course, it might be great to travel out of the country but c'mon if you haven't bought tickets already, it's quite clear that you'll be in Seoul. It's nice without all the crowds so discover the city while you can do a little dance on the subway. 

Have some tteokguk
  • Restaurants

In Korea, there’s the saying that eating tteokguk (rice cake soup) makes you a year older. That’s why some people even call it cheomsebyeong (添歲餠, rice cake that makes you older). However, no one’s quite sure as to when this soup was invented. We can only have some idea about its origins through old records such as Dongguk Sesigi, which was published during the late Joseon Dynasty. There are various meanings given to the soup as well. Some believe that people started using white rice cakes for the soup for a clean, fresh new start of the year to come and others believe that it was to wish for affluence as the round shape of the rice cake resembles that of a coin.

Check out a hanok village
  • Attractions

A small village with hanoks from the Joseon Dynasty. Located right in the heart of the city, visitors can get an inside look at the lives of many different social classes.

Take time to see the palaces
  • Things to do
  • Cultural centers

Sure, it's a bit of a touristy thing to do but c'mon you gotta give some credit to these places for its history, architecture and aesthetic. Do a little walking and learn a little something as you check out these palaces in Seoul.

Go out and go ski
  • Sports and fitness

Yes, yes it's not exactly traditional but it'll still be open and you gotta play while you can! 

Do a Kim Yuna
  • Things to do
  • Ice skating

Looking for the perfect place to imitate Kim Yuna? Here are some ice rinks for you to give it a go.


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